Mirpur new Shakib found Bangladesh! 😍😍😘

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The first division cricket league started in Mirpur on Sunday. Victoria Sporting Club has started the gap of the league's Exim Cricket Club within the inaugural match. Spinner Shahidul Islam is enjoying for this Victoria Sporting Club. Mirpur new Shakib found Bangladesh!

The name of the athlete rising from the name doesn't have abundant to understand. however not with the name, however this young man came up together with his bowling vogue and magnificence within the limelight. Not solely the bowling action, however conjointly within the field of fielding from walking, Bangladesh's all arounder Shakib Al Hasan features a match with Shahidul.

But the strange issue is here. Shahidul himself told the native channel Ekattar that this match with Shakib was his or her coincidence. Shakib had been bowling vogue like him before long! Shahidul aforesaid,

'I accustomed try this action from the first days. Shakib's brother had been within the action before he didn't be part of the national team. and people United Nations agency apprehend ME, they apprehend this action. And Shakib brother could be a legend athlete. there's no comparison with him. It's really an enormous deal on behalf of me since my action has become like her action. I feel pleased with myself that constant form of action is mine. '

However, Shahidul isn't solely in bowling vogue, however conjointly like Shakib's 75-ball jersey. And for this reason many of us build him mistake, thinking Shakib. This data was given by 'new' Shakib himself, Ekattor Tiwi. Shahidul aforesaid, "When I saw that Shakib Brother accustomed variety seventy five, I accustomed variety seventy five. where i'm, notwithstanding what the team, i'll would like a jersey variety seventy five. typically once I attend bowling somewhere, many of us say that Shakib brothers square measure coming back, bowling like Shakib brothers. Some days before I visited play Dinajpur. Seeing the quantity seventy five there many of us aforesaid Shakib brother came. Then once I came ahead of ME everybody complete that Shakib's brother, Shahid Bhai came. it's in several cases. '

Like all alternative cricketers, the dream of enjoying within the national team conjointly saw dresses. particularly once the retirement of Shakib Al Hasan, he's simply nurturing his place in his need to succeed. It became clear in his words. Said, 'There won't be a time Shakib brother within the national team. Of course, his place would be empty. If i'm going to his place, i'll sure be terribly proud. and each athlete plays for the national team. '


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