India is not going to be in Asia Cup due to Pakistan's objection 😱😨😠😵

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The Asia Cup 14th edition was to be held this year in India. But due to Pakistan's objection, the host country of the tournament changed. The United Arab Emirates has been entrusted with the responsibility. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has approved the application of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Tuesday. In the annual meeting, the decision was finalized by ACC and PCB president Najam Sethi. In September this year, six teams including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan will be participating.
Political contrasts between India and Pakistan are seen as a reason to change venue. "This is the best route (switching from venue) to the ACC decision," Crickfinfo said in a statement. "We have decided that the AC has decided in a good way. It is the best way to change (venue)." After the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, India did not play any bilateral series with Pakistan. However, India-Pakistan face the continental glory of the World Cup or World Cup like the Twenty20 World Cup.
The press has said that Pakistan will not send the ECG Emerging Teams Asia Cup (U-23) to India if they do not send it, due to the PCB decision, Asia Cup venues have been changed to face the crisis. Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the host country of Emerging Teams Asia Cup. The tournament was supposed to be held in April, but it was taken in December.
The five members of the SC (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) will participate in the tournament. However, a total of six teams will participate in this tournament. The sixth team will play in the final tournament after playing a play-off. Although the venue was changed, the schedule of the Asia Cup was not changed. The Asia Cup will take place from September 13 to September 28.


Without India, Asia cup is impossible.

Is it true?

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