70 Taka's note opened Bangladesh! 😘

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Bangladesh Bank has issued a memorandum of note titled 'Bangladesh-March 2018' in the development drive to keep the moment of the transit journey from the LDC to developing countries in Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today inaugurated the function to issue this memorial note at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Thursday.

The value of the note with the envelope without folders is 70 rupees and the memorandum with an eye-folding folder and envelope has been priced at Tk. 200. The memorandum can be found at the office of the Motijheel office of Bangladesh Bank at the prescribed price and later on all the branch offices.
Note Design and Security Features:
In the front of the memorial note measuring 140 mm 62 mm, signed by Bangladesh Bank governor Fazle Kabir, the portrait of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, national memorial monument, Betbunia sub-satellite center, maps of Bangladesh, binary numbers etc. are printed and the notes in the upper corner of the note are ' 70 'and below' Corner 'printed in Bengali' 70 '

On the back of the note, the portrait of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangabandhu Satellite 1 and the construction of Padma Multipurpose Bridge under construction are printed. In the upper middle, the name of the memorial note in English is 'Developing Bangladesh-March 2018'. In the upper left corner of the note, the value of the memorial note '70' in English and '70' in the lower left corner is printed in Bengal.

Memorial notes include Bangabandhu's portrait, '100' and watermarks of monogram of Bangladesh Bank. There is a fixed security yoke on the left side of the note with a value of 100 taka. Apart from this, the security features of multi color UV fiber microText are also included on the memorandum note.


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hay hay 70 taka kobe bhir hoilo vai.. bazar a asbe kobe