The Spirit, body, Soul Theory

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I just woke up from two bouts of a really deep slumber. It feels so rewarding to the soul when the body sleeps and I am forced to assume my spirit is getting some advantages too.

I have a theory I will like to propose to the whole thought community, a theory I strongly believe until it is proven otherwise to be wrong.

Here are the proponents of the theory.

  • Man is a spirit that has a body and a soul.

  • The Spirit, the body and the soul of a man all have connecting reflectional access to one another, such that the State of the body, soul or spirit activates a relative state in the other parts.

  • The spirit and the soul are related. An angry soul can be as a result of an angry spirit and vice versa.

  • A man should be mindful of his bodily pleasures, they might inhibit the activities of his spirit.

  • The human spirit is always working but the body might be uninformed of its activities.

  • While sleeping, the body hibernates but the spirit is very much alive while using a lot of emotional resources from the soul.

...and that is the end of my theory.

My proponents are of my own thoughts although it comes with some inspiration from certain knowledge pieces I have gathered over time.

I hope these words sparked up some thoughts in you and help you understand life better.

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