Concentration, Focus and Discipline

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Once upon a time, I heard the story of a man who went to visit Abraham Lincoln while he was still President (and alive). I really can't remember what he went there for but he pointed out that while he went into his office and sat by his table, the President was reading a newspaper and he made note of the fact that his presence was totally ignored by the President until he was done reading the Newspaper with utmost concentration and focus.

This is a really boring but short story.I had to cite this to bring out the importance of living life, one activity at a time without a mental distraction into the next or the previous. When last did you do something without thinking of something else in the process?

It is majorly known that concentration without distraction on activities can help make a man a better person as each activity one does add up to form a lot in a lifetime.

Over the years, I have read several books, blogs, and wikis about different principles one could engage in to become a better person.

All in all, I really don't think I have followed all those principles. I have done some while I have neglected many. Following so much of these principles makes me feel like a robot. It makes life lack its spice. For a very long time, I have not been able to align myself along the line of discipline, most especially because , I don't even understand what it means. It mostly sounds to me like an emotional deprivation of passion and personality to suit what adds no emotional satisfaction.

My own definition of discipline means happily discomforting oneself for the purpose of longtime satisfaction in a line of passion. Once, the line of passion gets removed from that statement , then it looses its savour to me, it becomes tasteless and unwanted. I don't want to be unhappy for the purpose of discipline, I believe being in pain for the sake of love and passion does not have to deprive one of happiness.

I will stick with my principle of discpline until I get convinced into an improved theory.

For now, my conclusion is that discipline is mostly worth it when it is in a line of passion.

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Starve your focus, feed your distraction.

I came across quote that said, 'successful people do did not become successful doing so many things".

Even science has been able to prove that focus takes discipline and self control. We see a lot of people start projects and dreams with so much passion only to abandon it over time. The passion fades off because they refused to feed their focus.

It's important to master the art of concentration. I once listen to a clip by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo which he titled Force of Focus, and I learnt that success does not come from mediocrity, it comes from chasing that dream like our lives depends on it.


Thanks for reading @korexe. You are so right!

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