The Benefits of Consuming Ketupat Or Lontong in Hari Raya

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Although widely known as a nation that consumes rice as a staple food, the staple food of most Indonesian citizens turned into a ketupat or lontong when celebrating Hari Raya Lebaran.

If we do not cook ketupat or lontong, it is as if there are less in celebrating Eid. Although both are made from rice, many people say if lontong or ketupat is healthier than rice. Is this true?

The difference from lontong or ketupat with rice is a texture that tends to be softer. The way of serving ketupat and lontong also tend to be more practical. In addition, lontong and ketupat are also more durable when compared with rice.


The basic differences of lontong or ketupat with rice are caused by the way of cooking ketupat or lontong which is very different from rice. If we can cook rice in rice cooker after washing the rice, then ketupat or lontong must be put into the shell of ketupat or banana leaf before boiled until several hours and newly lifted.

Differences in how this cooking was able to affect the density of lontong or ketupat so that it can make us as if more full even though the new consumption with a small portion.


eating lontong or ketupat can help us in diet programs or lose weight. This means, we can just continue the consumption of lontong or ketupat in addition to Hari Raya Lebaran if you want to get a more ideal weight.



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