The Silver Lining Of Autumn

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Sure, summer is officially over,

but we deal with that depressing fact by looking forward to autumn and the beauty it brings.

Metaphorically speaking, autumn represents old age, before the death of winter, but there’s a certain beauty that comes with age


Early Autumn is

now. I look forward to the subtle browning and yellowing of leaves. Those first few that fall on the still green grass. The reminder that summer is indeed over and winter is coming.

It’s like spotting your first grey hair.



Mid Autumn is

the most beautiful part of the season, when all the the leaves have transformed to yellow, brown, copper or bronze, leaving only the evergreens. There are also often as many leaves on the ground as there are on the trees.



This is like when your head is fully grey, except for those that don’t seem to age on their head. Men (and some women) are balding rapidly at this point, again except those few full-headed folk.

Late Autumn is

when all the leaves have fallen, and the beauty is gone. It is when we are knocking fervently on winter’s door.

It’s like the very elderly - having one foot in the grave


Cameras: Pentax ME Super, Olympus 35 RC


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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