A space adventure in nextcolony #5

in #esteemlast year

Hi, dear galactic friends, here we continue with our daily report of how we are setting up our planet,


We continue with the low production of resources since I have not been able to be connected for a long time (connection failure) so I have been a little bit overcome with the improvements.


In the wait for my new missions, I have seen the lowering of my resources, most likely I have been attacked, with so much inactive time I am sure I took good resources and without any kind of defense


the planet of @variola wants to take over all my resources and have my planet of colony, hahahaha, soon we will get you out of here !.

An interplanetary greeting for all !: See you in the galaxy !.


Qué tal ese juego? Sí se gana cómo SM? Saludos amigo.

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