Habits in the Kitchen that are Dangerous to Health

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HAVING a large kitchen and containing complete food ingredients is the dream of every human being. They will be more eager to cook various creations in order to create new flavors that can arouse appetite. Despite having a large and complete kitchen, there are still many people who are confused to take good care of the kitchen. They sometimes just clean up what they think is dirty without paying attention to the environment around their kitchen.

In fact, cleanliness in the kitchen area is very important for your family's health. Precisely if ignored, these things can slowly damage the body.

There are several habits that are often
overlooked and potentially damaging to health, including:

Ignore leaky taps

You certainly often do not pay attention to leaks, especially in the pipes under the kitchen sink. Our habits invite cockroaches to breed in your kitchen. This cockroach is famous for being able to spread all types of diseases such as food poisoning and diarrhea.

Dry food placed parallel to the eyes

Every time we feel hungry, we rush to the kitchen and take unhealthy food from the closet shelves. To avoid unhealthy snacking habits, you must reposition all pastries, chips, and food items that are not too healthy on the top shelf where you cannot reach easily.

Not cleaning dishwashing scrubbers

Have you ever cleaned a scrubber after washing kitchen utensils? Of course most say no. Not cleaning your plate scrubber from time to time can cause bacteria to grow on it. If you don't want to pollute the equipment while washing them, it is advisable to wash the scrubber as often as possible and also replace it within a month or more.

Don't use Teflon which has been damaged

Have you used a nonstick stick for more than 3 years? If so, then you must replace it immediately. Non-sticky pans or commonly called teflon are very good for cooking food without oil and healthy but the longer the pan will become more sticky when used. If you cook in an old nonstick pan, there is a high chance that your food will be mixed with small pieces of skillet that can cause cancer.

Use cutting boards for all types of food

You must be doing this practice. However, it is always advisable not to use the same cutting board for meat and vegetables. You must have a separate board for both things because it is not healthy to use one cutting board for all food ingredients.

Here is a little information I can give about how to keep bad habits in the kitchen removed.
Hopefully we are given health in carrying out all activities.
Thank you for reading and visiting my blog and thank you for your support so far.

By @abdifitri

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