What is Steem Mobile - eSteem?


What is Steem Mobile - eSteem?
@good-karma Just wanted to clarify few points about eSteem - Steem Mobile application project. eSteem is formerly known as Steem Mobile, opensource application for mobile devices and tablets with support for iOS, Android, Windows Phones.

eSteem means two thing:

  • Respect and admiration for the platform Steem
    *eSteem, electronic Steem ( just like email is being Electronic Mail )

eSteem Support Blockchain

quoteSteem supports multi-currency where you can view post reward in your preferred currency (BTC, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, KRW, INR, CNY etc.), multi language (58+) where you can use apps in any language you know, multiple accounts where you can add more than one account and easily change between accounts, multi-chains where you can use the Steem and Golos chains.

Multi-notifications where you can get notifications for some your account to participate in: Vote, Follow, Unfollow, Mention, comment, reblog, Transfers and Scheduled post publish, etc. From eSteem ease using it will be more effective to do so. This easy experience story to friends also lists more, easier with eSteem can enter more than one steemit account. Why is that ? That is the ease that exists in this application. Still confused with this app, easily get it through google playstore find eSteem then plug in your smartphone !. Apps with various features easily use them. Still curious and do not want to wear it, you lose right. Full feature of eSteem software:

  • Make enough money by creating a blog post.
  • Can also make enough money by commenting on a blog.
    *There is a variety of interesting information every day.
  • There is also information related to Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Like with this eSteem software? If you like to directly install. For those of you who are not very familiar with English, do not seem to worry, because eSteem support Indonesian and now adding language "Basa Aaceh", so you can freely try out eSteem. The presence of the Acehnese language option in the eSteem application was welcomed by some creators of media content steemit from Aceh. Expression of joy can be seen from several Acehnese steemian groups. Some steemians expressed their joy in the choice of the Aceh language.

Design improvements

quoteMulti-account support, in addition to our last release, we now happy to announce that you can add multiple accounts and use them on eSteem.

Communities support

quoteThose of you who doesn't know what Golos is, it is fork of Steem blockchain with its own community and goals, targeting Russian speaking people.

Gamification improvements

quoteGamification is the application of game-like elements to areas themselves not technically games.

SMT support

quoteIncrease demand for STEEM as the blockchain's bandwidth token
attract new capital to the ecosystem with ICOs
tie up STEEM supply with Automated Market Makers
create new utility for STEEM with Influence Sharing
become a big part of "Steem: the world's advertising network"

Thanks so much to read my content Articles.
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