Daily Thought - Spending money on Wrong things

in #essay4 months ago

I remember paying for the getpocket and few other services on android. I didn't really enjoyed them. instead I wasted some precious money that I have earned over the years. And that turned out to be pretty bad thing for me. And I had to make sure to change some of the habits on spending.

Like there is no need to buy calm subscription, instead spending time spirituality and other would be a good thing. And another thing is that spending time with the right set of the services which are already free can be a good thing. but we don't wnat to accept that part and instead waste our efforts.

I can tell you from my understanding and also the capacity that spending on teh wrong things would always lead to some of the wrong things that are out there. So we have to make changes and not fall for the same routine. in order to move ahead with the life in general. we have to make the choice and not bow down to the things that drag us down.

If we can bring the things in the order, that would always make us more strong and also make us have a good aapproach with the mindset that we have. Some ways that can be changed and another ways that is going to be something that we have learned and would be learning as well.

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