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RE: The Godfather of All E-sports. FIFA Ultimate Team Is One Of The Best Online Game Modes of Any Game.

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Goalkeeper animations needs to get attention! PES are on the right path here and feels far more authentic. EA introduces new trick shots etc every year.. but the real problem with gameplay is that goalkeepers need to feel and act more authentic and have an variation to their behaviour in order to make gameplay exiting. For example it's silly how they are able to catch/fetch a real hard shot outside the box. In real life they would only manage to reflect it.. They are clumpsy in movement, and they don't jump or behave as smooth as a real goalkeeper would. Still I get confused of the customer feedback. I never hear any complaints in this matter more than of goalkeeper bugs like they 'run out and misses the ball'. I'm a former goalkeeper myself and I'm devistated that they lack so much in that departement. If you wan't a authentic game than you should reflect and react to this. Doesn't anyone who plays FIFA agree?? 🤔


Totally agree. The keepers are a problem in both ganes .

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