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Today there is a lot of good news in which you will know that this news is very powerful for the Counter-Strike community as well as the latest ranking of Counter-Strike update has been done today, in which you can see Team Liquid is in first place and This is the team that has beaten the best team in the finals and the first Astralis and just now in July, the team ENCE inside Chicago in the final of the competition TEAM LIQUID Trophy is in its name, due to which TEAM LIQUID did not let its ranking slip and even today TEAM LIQUID has made its place in the number 1 counter strike tournament, I am putting the list of top 10 team in front of you. The second team's ranking will also be known and the rest of the people are waiting. This month, counter strike is going to be a big tournament, in which 16 teams will take part. Children are in this tournament this tournament is important, he will play the entire team that love that made the powerful team is now see it is who is the winner in this tournament

 Here's a summary of our ranking for new readers:
Our team ranking is based on teams' achievements over the past year (with severe decay in points throughout each month), recent form over the last 2 months, and performance at offline events in the last 3 months.
Each team is required to have a three-man core in order to retain their points and online results are included but have minimal effect (only affecting 'Form') at the top of the table and mainly serve to put new teams on the map.
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