OpTic Gaming vs Golden Guardians | Week 8 Day 2 S9 LCS Summer 2019 |

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Hello there Steemians! Sharing to you now is the battle between OpTic Gaming and Golden Guardians in the North America League of Legends Championship Series 2019. I guarantee to you this match will not disappoint you and it's indeed a good fight.

As usual, I tend to challenge myself by guessing during the champ select on who might win the match, yesterday I was wrong and today I was right! Yehey! So let's go with the game.

Well during the early game, I've been expecting Golden Guardians to have the upper hand, well they have Trundle as jungle w/c I know to be quicker than Sejuani in clearing the camps. Also on the mid lane, they have Vel'koz w/c is also one of my favorite champ although my and my brother used to combine Vel'koz and Lux at the bot lane - yeah love that combo, you may try it and I guarantee it's very effective.

In regards to the top lane, well I have no doubt that Aatrox will be able to handle Poppy although Poppy might be able to sustain huge amount of damage, question is until when? One thing about Aatrox is that prolonging the game will just make this champ unstoppable.

For the bot lane, for me, Kai'sa has the upper hand although if Ezreal chooses to focus more on AD + Lifesteal rather than AOE and armor penetration, I guess he could have been able to have a much more damage output. Well this is just my opinion though but I guess this is going to be more effective.

I guess you may want to check this video timestamp 41:09 wherein I think this is the major turning point of the match when Golden Guardians was able to take an "ACE" out of OpTic Gaming. In the end, Golden Guardians is the victorious and as what I mentioned earlier, Aatrox is really a difficult enemy to handle during the late part of the game. Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I don't own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to you guys here in this platform.

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