Jin Air Green Wings vs KT Rolster | W1D1 - Game 2 | LCK 2019 Summer Split |

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Helle there everyone! Sharing to you now is the game 2 of Jin Air Green Wings vs KT Rolster in the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split 2019. After JAG's 1st defeat w/ KT Rolster, will they be able to take their revenge and secure their first win? Let's find out...

So as usual let's check each team's line up. KT goes for Sylas for top lane, Lee Sin in the jungle, Zoe for mid, Xayah and Rakan in the bot lane and JAG tries to counter it with Neeko on top, Olaf for jungle, Lissandra in the mid lane and lastly Sivir and Lux in the bot lane. I guess this is just an even match in terms of their pick and this will all boils down to each team's gameplay.

JAG was able to secure the first blood from Zoe which was executed nicely by Olaf and Lissandra and was able to secure the first drake in the game which should give them the early advantage. JAG was even able to secure 3 kills over KT Rolster but what I've noticed is that instead of playing more aggressively and offensively to gain momentum, JAG tends to play defensively instead or it's just me?

Around 19:05, I think JAG is quite nervous and is trying to avoid engaging in a clash. They basically have the upper hand w/ 2 drakes on them on top of the 3 kills advantage yet they ended up losing a team member instead. Their position in that clash is just I guess, so bad that instead of engaging and assist their team member, they just tend to run all over the place although I Olaf did the right thing I guess which is to secure the drake.

I guess that's when KT Rolster gain their momentum to the point that they even tried to engage while in between of the 2 turrets in the mid lane and even secured a kill. I'm not saying that JAG isn't good but I guess they're just trying to play safe however in this type of game, playing it safe just tend to cause more mistake.

Also I'm not quite sure if you guys noticed it but Lux isn't being maximized to its full potential. If I'm with Lux or is playing Lux in the bot lane, I tend not to limit it to support items for Lux will be more useful if she has more AP and CDR. In this match, Lux goes for the support items which I think isn't much of a support at all rather than the AP + CDR type which I guess should be able to offer much more of an assistance to the team.

Above are just my opinion and on how I see things from my perspective but I guess Jin Air Gree Wings should have won the match if they just go for the offensive type of gaming rather than what they've shown today. Well in the end, KT Rolster did win the match and secured their 2nd win over Jin Air Green Wings. What are your thoughts about this match? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to this platform.


Good battle this players are so talent and this industry is growing faster. Regards

Yes I agree that eSports industry is indeed growing fast. Thanks for dropping by.

looks like you're a nice esports analyst dude! Nice recap

Haha, well I'm just trying to raise some point, I really though that JAG will win the game and it's kinda disappointing. Hahaha! Thanks for dropping by btw :) :)

Nice analysis bro. And a nice recap. You know esports very well. Keep it up brotha!

Thank you for dropping by! Well, yah, I've been playing League of Legends since S3. I'm just busy right now that's why I wasn't able to play in the past 2 months. Haha.

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