Generation Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming | W1D1 - Game 2 | LCK 2019 Summer Split |

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Hello there once again steemians, on my last post, we've witnessed the great fight between Gen.G and DAMWON Gaming in the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split 2019. That was just the first match, let's check their second game. Will DAMWON be able to have their second win or will Gen.G even the game out? Let's find out!

For each team's line up, Aatrox was picked by DAMWON for the top lane and Gen.G answers with Gankplank. Rek'sai for the jungle and Gen.G countered with Skarner. LeBlanc and Sylas will be battling in the mid lane and for the bottom lane, we'll see once more the Gen.G's Ezreal-Braum duo vs DAMWON's Sivir and Shen.

We'll I think that this is just an even match in terms of each team's champion so the outcome will just depend on who will make the first mistake. We all know that in most tournaments, that each teams are careful in giving up out a kill. During this match I noticed that Gen.G is playing aggressively yet safe enough to just secure kills.

Same as the first match, DAMWON tries to get the drake in less than 6 minutes however it seems that Gen.G learned from their mistake and was able to steal the drake away from DAMWON. Gen.G was also able to secure the first blood and it was executed quite well, I didin't even thought that they will dive into the tower to get that kill.

It seems that Ezreal and Braum is performing a lot better in this game compared to their previous match. But one thing that really got my attention in this match is Skarner. He was able to take down Sivir on his own, although Sivir only has around half bar HP by then but I guess it's still impressive.

Remember what I mentioned above that the result of the match will depend on who will make the first mistake? DAMWON tried to stop Gen.G from taking the Baron which they indeed succeed however in the attempt to stop Gen.G, DAMWON was able to give up some kill which allows Gen.G to take the Baron down and eventually breaks through the mid lane and eventually wins the match. That makes it even and we will be expecting a third match. Quite excited on how each team will perform by then.

Disclaimer: I do not own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to this platform.


a simple mistake is the turning point of this game nice analysis brother? Great Job

Totally agree! I'm about to share the game that I had earlier however my PC freezes up the moment I tried to record it. I guess I really need to make some upgrade. Hahaha

What an intense gaming. It's been really great to see such kind of game strategy and teamwork. Great team play. ;) Keep sharing.

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