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Those are two of the most important crumbs of wisdom  that I can impart to anyone

As initiates, we  comprehend and inner stand because we seek to  comprehend  and understand. I struggle daily to work on unifying Humanity into a common cause because I don't want to see our world destroyed for for the future generations.  I'm also tired of it being in the hands of the wicked!

 Those are the ones  in  power, the same ones who  prey on the weak, defenseless, and innocent. These vile, demonic men and women have bestowed false and flattering titles on themselves and those who conspire with them. Raising  themselves to the status of gods,  they cause nothing but pain, suffering, and destruction  to everyone and everything in their path. I cannot judge them for I am not their creator and  because I have no first-hand  proof or  evidence, there can be no claim made under man's corrupt legal law. If I did, why would I let them hide behind a broken oath?

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And so I wait...

I wait for divine Justice but  will it come? Religion is is a man-made word weapon and the priest class has  wielded it  powerfully  against the Common Man. We are unique in the animal kingdom in that we can always produce more than we consume. We can think and reason in the abstract and we are able to plan for the future. This is also one of man's biggest weaknesses as he can be terrified of the future as well as the unknown. Fear & it's twin, Terror are the controlling factors in manipulating individuals as well as larger groups. Other factors of influence are : death, violence, rape, molestation, trauma based mind control, deprivation of basic necessities such as air, water, food, sleep, adequate shelter,  financial/economic suppression...

Those are  the more  overt forms  of manipulation and attack the physical form of man.



 One of my favorite explanatory videos of the  human farming/manipulation  system is by Stefan Molyneux, and you can click on it below.

Once I realized  how we have been lied to and exploited our entire lives, my initial reaction was an intense welling up of negative emotional energy. It was a hodgepodge of anger, betrayal, and utter despair. Nobody knows they are being deceived while they are being deceived and once I had broken the Dark Illusion, I began my spiritual healing process which is always ongoing and must be maintained consistently!

Once the Dark Illusion is shattered, the Hidden World begins to emerge and consciousness is elevated. I don't  if there is a specific formula to waking up the dormant Kundalini at the base of the spine. What I believe happened to me was the result of a lower back injury I sustained while I was a young, mind-controlled slave serving as a lap dog in their corporate army.

I developed scoliosis in my lower thoracic area extending into my upper lumbar area and had to undergo many chiropractic treatments. Those sessions moved and positioned my spinal vertebrae into different alignments and ever since then I have been able to manipulate and move the vertebrae on my own. 

Year after year, I've experienced a median amount of pain in my back but at the same time, I feel enormous synapse firings up my spine and into the base of my skull. I believe these firings have been similar to energy pulses, and they have been a direct factor in my awakening process. Do I have proof? No... Its just a hunch. Since then, I have decalcified my Pineal gland and I stopped using fluoridated toothpaste or consumed water of the same in over 7 years. 

My life today is a direct product of being accountable for my choices and striving to keep and maintain a  cerebral equilibrium. I hold myself to a higher moral code and my view of reality is my own. My next few posts,I  will take you on a journey with the 3rd eye and show the covert manipulation through:


Signs & Sigils

Entertainment & Occult Hollywood

And...the most hidden of all...I call it the Janus Polarity of Controlled Duality.

This causes a schizm in our psyche and uses weaponized polarity to keep us in a constant state of cognitive dissonance.

"The light of the body IS the eye, therefore, when your eye is single your whole body is full of light, but when your eye is dual, your body is full of darkness.





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