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When I first came across the term Esoteric, I had no idea what it meant, it is certainly not a word I had heard spoken around me and when I did look it up, I immediately recoiled from the definition that was given.

For those who know me, they know that I do not sit well with any organization that supports the idea of hierarchy. And at first glance this term was certainly hijacked by those who wish to be seen as being part of an elite community, a select few that hold certain knowledge that the rest of us do not have access to. The image of an closed enlightened circle sprung to mind. But nothing is ever so black or white in life and I am not one to accept terms/words that scholars tell us, especially when it it is referring to spiritual matters.

So if we look at the origins of the word we see that it comes from the Greek Word 'esoterikos', which interestingly enough is derived from a number of different words. 'eiso, eso' which means 'within', 'inner'; 'esoteros' meaning 'inner, internal'; and 'eikos' meaning 'is natural'.

So take a moment here and see what I see, we have the commonly understood definition which is:

Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge ,
thank you wikipedia for that.

Or we have what I believe is the true definition, natural inner knowing.

When we look at the world today, which definition serves a better purpose for those in power, well the Wikipedia definition of course. I can read a lot of information and unless it resonates with me, I chose not to take it in, not to give it any power over me. The only books I have read about spirituality are by Glennie Kindred and Starhawk, they are all I need right now.

So me being who I am and following what is my truth and my understanding, the term Esoteric means the knowledge we all hold within. The ancient wisdom that we carry around with us, the power we tap into when we are living in our natural state of being. It is the connection that we have with nature, it is our spiritual beliefs that are in no way human made, but that which we live in harmony with, when we open ourselves up to the forces of nature.

It is my way of life, it is listening with my heart, with my whole being, trusting my inner knowing, listening to my intuitive self. It is being guided by the seasons and celebrating and acknowledging the effect that they have on me. Surrendering myself to the natural cycles, losing myself in them, only to be reborn again. Remembering that we are animals, we are nature, we can try and run away from this, try to fit into this civilized world, we can even try to create our own cycles, but we will always feel like something is missing, we will always chase after that one thing. Not knowing that we have it all along. We carry it inside of us, it is who we are and it is what makes us whole.

It is connecting to the greatest force of all, love. Love for ourselves and all living things.

Listening to my inner knowing has led me to live the way I do, I live off grid away from mainstream society in my truck with my 3 girls. I birthed 2 of them naturally and my youngest unassisted, because I knew I could, I listened to my inner self. I grow my own food, I use herbs and homoeopathy to heal myself and my children. I home educate my girls and we live as naturally as we can. No vaccinations, no pharmaceuticals, no chemicals in or on our bodies, no T.V to poison our minds. We drink water from the mountain springs and walk barefoot upon the earth.

I have written so much about my lifestyle on here already and almost everything I write about is related to Esoteric and my understanding of it.

Esoteric is my natural understanding of life.

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Ah you always say it exactly how I feel.it babe x

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thank you Lovely, definitely see you as a soul sister xxx

el esoterismo en mi tierra lo relacionan con brujerías y actos diabólicos, pero todos están equivocados, este post realmente habla de su información verdadera y su influencia en las personas que lo estudian con pasion.

This is the best definition I’ve come across. I can resonate with this fully. Thanks for your post.

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thank you @indigoocean, I'm sure if many do agree but It really is what resonates with me and so glad that it does with you too xx

When I saw the title of your post I had no idea what esoteric meant. I can get behind your definition of it 100%.


yeah thank you @walkerland, I knew you would xxx