The Master's wisdom # 28 – The father, the son and the holy spirit

in esoteric •  6 months ago

A human really grows up only when he is enlightened; for only then he stops being a son and becomes a father.


Credit: thesearch

You are probably familiar with the religious Christian trinity. But what does it stand for, what does it represent? What is really behind it?

The father is the master. It's the reservoir of the wisdom collected from all your lifetimes on earth. It is the soul-part that serves as the buffer between the human you and soul you, The I AM presence.

And so, on your process of growth, you walk from being the son, a child, a human, who is always taken care of and nourished and supervised, to be the master, who is more mature, who takes responsibility for everything in their lives.

It is tempting to remain the son, the child, but in every human being comes a point where the holy spirit, their soul says "enough, my child. You have played long enough as a human and it's high time now that you became me, the holy spirit".

And the journey begins.


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Its an interesting wisdom packed teaching. Growth is something that every human being has to under go. When parents give birth to children they look after them and eargerly expect them to grow up over the years and not remain babies. Its indeed a temptation to remain a son. Some one ought to grow up and become a responsible person of his life.

Thanks @nomad-magus for sharing.
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Thanks for the info. I will deliver it to a friend who may use it 👍

Another awesome learning from you @nomad-magus. Thank you very much for this!❤😊