"Are dreams a self-fullfiling prophecy"

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I do not remember the entire dream and/or the context, but I remember clearly saying to my parents, about my sister, the following sentence: "In two or three years she will have a child, but she will not marry." Does this have any significance, and if so, what?


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There are prophetic dreams! Definitely. But pay attention to your question: you did not ask whether dreams, in general, are prophetic, but rather whether your specific one is a self-fulfilling prophecy, like "self-fulfilling faith." That is, in a certain way you placed your dreams in the same degree of faith.

And in my opinion justly so, because the future is neither known nor fixed. It is a fact that many of the prophecies were not fulfilled (Nostradamus and his ilk, etc.), and yet, there are prophetic dreams, so what is the explanation?

It is about sensitivity and openness to the potential energies that are always around us.

At the time of the dream, the ego is inactive and therefore allows the knowledge of these potentials to come in. In general, prophetic dreams capture events that are supposed to happen in the coming days, and the very memory of the dream fulfills this specific potential. Your dream about two-three years ahead can expect a potential. Is there a certainty that this potential will come true? definitely not. There is no such certainty. Your sister or you choose your life at any moment. Besides, the dream may actually reflect a "prophecy" about yourself and not about your sister. It may bring to the surface a thought that you have about your life and in a dream you express one of many potentials. Of course, if you are married with children then my last sentence is not literally true.

Good Luck!


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