Free CUSTOM LOVE CHARM for Valentine's Day!

in esoteric •  2 months ago


I combine MY CUSTOM LOVE CHARM, auric-images and a positive statement of intention into a custom wish painting, which brings about the desired outcome. This is a form of prayer in which one prepares one's subconscious mind for the miracle.

I sell these, but also give them away and accept donations, because of the Law of Cause and Effect - what goes around comes around...

For Valentine's Day, I am giving away Custom Love Charms - which is the first part in the 3-part painting I do. What I need from you is:

A positive statement of intention of what you want the Universe to give you.

Also can include custom Jewelry - - aproximately $200-$300 each - sterling silver, lost wax cast through Gallery 1505, S. Pearl St. Denver, CO

**Add $50 for Reiki-Infused Talismans.

All can be done by email, with the final, being mailed to you or we can meet in person.


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