Gematria - The Magic Of Numbers And Letters (Part 1)

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Welcome back, truth seekers!

2018 has been the year of the number 11 in Numerology. It woke me up to the power of numbers, leading to a magical journey to SteemFest3 in Krakow. After returning, I started watching Zachary Hubbard's YouTube channel (his 18th, since the previous 17 have been deleted by YT). He talks about the fascinating topic of Gematria, the practice of Numerology for letters, words and phrases. It goes back to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (and probably way beyond him).

here is one of his recent and very popular videos about George H. W. Bush's death and the numbers behind that:

Gematria is part of the esoteric beliefs to manipulate our reality with magical techniques like Astrology, Alchemy, Numerology, Sacred Geometry and so on. Zachary is a woke-as-fuck guy, who was already looking through the 9/11 deception as it happened - long before most others. Afterwards, he dedicated his life to unveil the truth about what was actually going on and discovered Gematria, which the elites use every single day in mainstream media events, sports, Hollywood and ritual murder of celebrities.

The numbers don't lie and are way beyond any chance or accident. One of his followers created the website Gematrinator, that allows us to calculate any word or phrase in any given Gematria cypher in a matter of seconds. Gematria has many different cyphers/codes that are used to calculate the numbers. However, the most important cyphers for Zachary are the four dealing with the English language: English Ordinal, Full Reduction, Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction.

English Ordinal counts numbers from A=1, B=2, ... Z=26. Reverse Ordinal does the same but backwards with Z=1, Y=2, ... A=26. Full Reduction uses Numerology, where all numbers are reduced to one single digit, where A=1, B=2 but also J=1 and S=1. And finally the Reverse Full Reduction, where Z=1, Y=2, Q=1 and H=1.

Words are spells that manifest our reality. The English language appears to be a 100% constructed language to make us spell for the hidden controllers. Meanings like government (govern the mind) are familiar to many here but the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. The numbers are true underlying magic to the words we use on a daily basis.


As I am digging through his fascinating ebook Letters & Numbers, available for just $5 on Etsy, I am starting to see the patterns and relationship to the number 11. Much in Gematria is about the twin pillar symbolism and hence numbers related to 11 are very prominent in this practice. I am just on page 55 out of 800, but the information in his book is mind-blowing. For my own better understanding, I created this post and will follow-up with many.

The following list is incomplete and serves as a cheat sheet for you and me. I will add more details to it over time in future posts. I have left out the magic number 3 and 7, as well as all master numbers (11, 22, 33, ... 99). Their significance is the foundation for this entire work and should be understood, before anything below can make sense to you. Particularly the numbers 11, 33 and 88 should be looked at!

137th Fibonacci Number, 13 spheres on Metatron's Cube
177th Prime Number
26Gematria of God, YHWH, Babylon, Adonai, Thoth, Greek, Zeus, Apollo, Adam, Abraham, Joseph, Heaven, Hell, Spell, Read, Torah, Temple, Mason, dozens of different body parts (Genesis 1:26 "Mankind in our image")
2911 Numerology
3111th Prime Number
3811 Numerology
4711 Numerology, Silver Atomic Number, Freemason Compass angle, 23.5° tropic of Capricorn and Cancer have a distance of 47°, one of the most important numbers in Gematria
5611 Numerology
6511 Numerology
7411 Numerology, USA founding date (7/4), 47 reverse, Gematria for Lucifer, Jewish, Messiah, Jesus, Cross, Masonic, English, Gematria, Occult
8311 Numerology
8911th Fibonacci Number
93Sun 93 Million Miles from Earth, Gematria for Saturn
10126th Prime Number (number of GOD); 10th letter is 1st of YHWH
108Sun diameter --> 108 Earths; Distance from Sun to Earth --> 108 suns; Distance from Moon to Earth --> 108 Moons; 108 Sun Salutations from Yogis at Equinox
11330th Prime Number; 11x3=33
13733rd Prime Number
187Chapters of Torah; Gematria for "I am the alpha and the omega"
223Skull and Bones number, Gematria for "The Synagogue of Satan", "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast"
22749th Prime Number

I understand that this must all be very confusing, it is to me as well. But the truth speaks louder than words (or numbers) and I will soon bring more information to you, truth seeker (I love that term since I heard it from Zach for the first time!).

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Hmmm interesting. Why don't he also sign up for DTube if he keeps getting deleted right?


He probably never heard about it. I will make an interview with him soon and can tell him all about it. ;)

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Wow that's cool. Can you also ask him if Gematria can be used to check on the good things in life? Because after you posted this, I checked on his channel and all he ever posted about spreads fear and paranoia instead of love and positive things. Yeah I know that may be his niche and stuff but we can't have people living in fear of the world. It's okay to spread awareness but if it's all just to make people afraid then what can people do about it? I haven't seen one positive video at all or maybe I haven't seen all the videos he made. There's gotta be balance and not just all about bad or negative things in life. Life's not like that.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

You speak exactly like my wife, who wants me to stop watching this. But I don't think that his stuff is negative. It is a neutral observation of what is going on. I am not afraid a bit because I consume his content but rather feel empowered. The same goes for Astrology, when you analyze what THEY do. And yet it is super popular to enrich people's lifes all over the world.

And sure, you can use that for yourself by calculating names and words for all you do and make it resonate with the vibration of the numbers you want to envoke. :)

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Lol. Okay. Am not into astrology that much but it is interesting. In case you will still ask him my question (and if he can maybe do something with a positive insight) when you get to interview him that'd be cool.


I will pass that forward. :)

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