The Greatest Connections of Life Takes Patience and Love to Manifest + Connection to the Hopi Tribe's Language of Oneness and Now

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Planting a seed, whether metaphorical or literal, is an intimidating initiation. This is because it is hard to imagine the giant tree or beautiful flower birthing from something ever so small, and then realizing the amount of energy necessary to nourish it and sustain it's happiness throughout the stages of metamorphosis. Dissuasion occurring by thoughts of potential obstacles or hardships arising throughout the process, and giving up on dreaming of such manifestation is often the path people are walking - giving up is easy.

Planting Seeds of Dreaming
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What people are not often thinking of is all the learning occurring through experiencing the growth first hand, and experiencing the joy of achieving symbiosis. Being hands that promotes growth creates divine encounters of human experiences. When its with plants, you are receiving therapies, wisdom, and soul connection with nature's gifts. You also receive these blessings with personal relationships (whatever types), and are vital interpersonal aspects to realizing true happiness on this third density plane.

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I am continuously experiencing a deep rooted soul connection with another human in this world that stems into all lifetimes, and we are finally verbally, and spiritually confirming these affirmations from all sides - evolving exponentially. Even though now we are knowing the reality of our connection without doubts, there is no sacrificing our honor because of who we know ourselves to be - which is no easy feat.

I am also growing with another wonderful human whom I am loving and evolving with, and experiencing so much together through this lifetime. There is Earth and there are stars, with the sky and ground always exchanging love beyond all measures. I am feeling all three of us are having all our karmic weights lifted. Harmony is initiating, as we are all becoming stronger, wiser, and closer.

Gaea - from the Atlanta Botanical Garden
GAEA - AK.jpg
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Sky Goddess
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Nuit (the sky) & Geb (the Earth)
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Loosing yourself in the process of pursuing love it is not an option - only truth, love, AND honor is rewarding. This line of thinking begs the question: Are you being true to yourself, or true to being a good person over your dreams? If you hold honor in your heart, and you are not pursuing something vitally important to you in life, so you are avoiding trespass on those for who you are caring and also love, that means you actually ARE being true to yourself, since your truth is always including your honor with it.


Being empathic means you have abilities to be feeling the emotions of living beings, are caring for those emotions equally to your own, and always considering how everyone is feeling by your words and actions. While this is often difficult, it is necessary for all those that are blessed with abilities to spread their energies in ways that are beneficial to everyone - even if the truth is not clear to the recipients. I have so many blessing in a life full of obstacles, but experiencing everything is anything but hurdles in the way, they are in fact divine moments of truth (D.M.T.), without which we would never have opportunity for true happiness and completion.

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Speaking truth, and especially your truth, is something that leads you to your destiny, that for which you are meant. You should be feeling this, and will only achieve your destiny form of love and completeness by earning it. Earning your soul purpose means living your life to valiant codes of honor, always loving those that are loving you, while balancing pursuing your dreams. Following paths of evoking/submitting to fear, selfishness, and deceit denies your true self and your paths of truth - which otherwise brings you to completion. Standing and defending whom you are loving is imperative, and also serves by reminding us of our connection's truth of love. All energy is cyclical, so proceeding in a manor that is effecting people negatively or positively is returning to you as well.

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Reminders of who I really am are everywhere, and for brief moments, I am finally feeling like myself again - especially when interactions are fluid and connecting with balance. For this I am grateful, and for the progression I am continuously experiencing, with all its ups and downs. I am inspiring the best version of myself, and every day I am taking strides, becoming just that. I am continuing meditating, praying, running, doing push-ups, and going to the gym again for intense yoga, full body workouts, spa and sauna sessions, and discourse with good people. I am also improving my diet significantly, aligning what I am eating with who I am, and continuing consuming alkaline, PH balancing, 8 stage filtration, reverse osmosis, remineralizing water. Feeling healthy is nothing to live without, and more and more its bringing blessings to everyone - especially myself.






A video on the Gaia Network is speaking on the language structure of the Hopi Tribe. You may be noticing that I am structuring my writing in forms that are becoming, speaking the unfolding truth as it is happening. To Hopis, there are no concepts of past, future, or separation, there is only now and connection. The calling is unfolding of the breath of life.

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When we are looking at water from ashore, we may be saying "look at that wave!" To the Hopis however, there is no wave, there are only waves, and since there is no concept of past or future, they use a plural form of waves as a verb, which translates to something like "the ocean is waving", which is plural action form. This language fundamentally changes perception of all life, and how we are perceiving time. Everything is always unfolding now as it is happening, and there is nothing more or less.

Waving of Acapulco

Many languages (including English), are creating separation and linear time at the forefront of thought by design. The Hopis however are seeing existence for what it is, instead of what it was or what they hope it to be. The Hopis would not have even been able to write that previous sentence (or this one) in their language because of the references to past and future. Understanding this is positively altering the way I am thinking, writing, speaking, and ultimately is helping my viewing of existence - delivering maximum love in ways unexpecting.


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I am feeling and giving thanks for the immense blessings I am receiving with love of two POWERFUL beings of feminine, who are both also beings filled of love. One is my soul partner from all ages, while the other is a new soul partner met in this lifetime, and they are both needing me. I am setting intentions so they both see in each other what I see in each of them (both beautiful from their core outwards) - and I now am feeling that is what is leading us all to happiness. I usually am saying "everything in it's own due time", but am now saying, everything is one... & True Love is winning. I am most grateful that they are both having my back, and I theirs.


This is my lucky coin - a silver 50 Franc coin from 1974. This coin was stolen from me, but then rediscovered when it was found on OfferUp. I carry it with me but sometimes am hiding it for safe keeping. The art on this coin's obverse always fascinates me. I feel like it is the same exact coin since the condition and placement of scuffs are too familiar, not to mention it's energies. "The obverse design features Hercules (a popular artistic figure in France) protecting two women who symbolically represent “Liberty” and “Equality”. Liberty is shown holding a pole with a phrygian cap on top of the pole. Equality is shown holding a scale of justice. Hercules stands in the center protecting the two women and wearing the skin of the Nemean Lion which, in the legend of the twelve tasks, granted him the gift of invulnerability" (1).

Four days of writing, leading this present active language format is worth the effort, as are all things good in life. Always knowing how blessed we all are. The world judging is not concerning, for the world is feeling blessings in having opportunities for our interactions, just as we are feeling blessings of the world unto us. Everything is becoming... happy. Patience & Faith - allow the working of the universe.

A flower gift of love from Leach Botanical Gardens in Portland, Oregon

All days finding ways of breaking through to happiness - achieving by blessings of purpose. Giving thanks for love providing, real connections never subsiding. No doubting what there is no denying. Blessings to all, fire igniting...

Truth Still Residing

Flowers growing where I am praying, facing from afar

Blessings everyone & stay tuning into the right frequencies

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Nyx - "Asking us to be bravely entering the unknown and letting it embrace us, letting go of our senses and floating in the primordial ether of the cosmos - leaving our fears."

#TribeVibes druid_djinn.png




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Beautiful post. I love that you brought up and embodied the Hopi “all things are now speech”- definitely a great way to inhabit the reality we wish to create 💚💚💚

Exactly, Speaking in present truth is helping a ton with intentions.

Beautiful post bro. I know you have a lot going on both and your mind and in your world that is bringing a lot of growth and transformation. I will always be here to support you through any struggles and tribulations.

I was unaware of the Hopi language and the absence of past/future tense. It is a very interesting idea, but I think it might bring confusion for certain discussions. I definitely think it’s great for manifestation and use in one’s own Art, but fundamentally it seems inappropriate for a large scale society.

Great post bruv.

It is more difficult to be writing in this fashion, but if you are patient and persistent, it is possible (point and case this post). I am agreeing that maintaining this writing style is difficult for everything, and I will not be applying it to all I write. Extremely useful for many situations however, and is altering the way I am writing and speaking in a positive manor moving forward.

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