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Whether you are looking for greater exposure for your project or just impressing your community by nicking another important milestone in the actualisation of your road map, listing in one more exchange is a step that moves a project forward.
Moreso when that exchange comes decentralized with some of the tightest security measures possible in the industry. And adequately manned by very friendly, hardworking and talented team.
EscoDex Decentralized Exchange does pack some rare punch and listing your coin or tokens there will sure gladdens the hearts of your holders/community.
So, follow me and let's get you listed on this exciting platform.

Requirements for listing.

You only need the barest minimum of requirements to list your wares for sale in EscoDex.
Most importantly a Discord App account/profile.
Then join their Server and when in the Server, get familiar with the following users/profiles:
EscrowCoin #5478
21master #0888
crypto-6789 #1729
cryptoboss #8927
Yes, they are the Admins and members of EscoDex dev team. You want to be sure what the entire process cost and who you're paying to, so you don't fall into the wrong hands.

OK, if that's carried, let's move to the next point.
Of course you're already familiar with your coin/token's basic details. Then you'd need the following classes of processing fees;
√ 3000 $ESCOs or 0.25BTC. (Esco is the platform's native tokens). This is what you pay for normal listing that takes between 7-12 days.
But if you want a fast tracked 24 hrs listing, you pay
√√ 4000 $ESCOs or 0.35BTC

And that's all. If you're set with all that, go on and fill and submit this simple form

I wish you and your project good speed to the moon

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