Valentine: A Short Master/Slave Story. Part 1 An Original Story.

in erotica •  2 years ago 

The girl came home from a long day at work. Slowly closing the door, she slipped out of her high heels, whilst calling out "Master, I'm home" She smelled a scent coming from the kitchen, heard a sizzling sound coming from that direction. "Take a shower, slave. You have time. I laid something out for you to wear." Heading towards the bathroom, she smiled as she began slipping out of her work clothes. A short while later, she got out of the shower to find a tiny towel waiting for her. Chuckling to herself, she tried to wrap herself in find it was too small. Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, she looked at her lithe body and blew a kiss to it, before wrapping her hair in the towel and walking naked to the bedroom.

Laying on the bed was a set of little black dress, and a set of black lace lingerie. She felt her hot grow hot, a smile spreading across her face. He had remembered Valentines Day after all. He had been making it seem like he didn't care about the day, playing it down. Hurridly, she slipped into the clothes, loving the feel of the lace against her bare flesh. Biting her lip, a thought entered her head, and she rushed over to her wardrobe, took out her sheer black stockings and garter and slid into them as well. Running her hands down her body, smoothing the dress down, she breathed out "Come and get me, lover," before slinking out of the room.

Entering the kitchen, she found her lover hulking over the oven, madly stirring pots and checking a cookbook. Leaning up against the door frame, she lifted one of her legs slightly, and ran a hand through her hair, as she breathed out "Hey honey, whats for dinner?" At the moment she chose to say this, he had his finger in a spoon of sauce he was stirring. Catching sight of her standing like that, his jaw dropped open, his whole attention drawn to her. She felt herself blushing hard as she laughed softly "Seems like I caught your attention." He suddenly yelped, dropping the spoon and frantically waving his finger. "Oh no," she breathed, sliding off the wall and slinking towards him, swaying her hips to get the most attention from him. "Master made a boo-boo." Taking his hand in hers, she slowly lifted his finger to her lips. "Let your slave make it all better, master." Slowly, she slid his finger into her mouth, gently sucking on it as she did. Her eyes shot open when she tasted the sauce, and she sucked his finger in earnest, the better to get all the sauce off.

Taking his finger out of her mouth, she said "That's a damn good sauce. When's it ready?"

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