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If during your time you have managed to earn a solid capital, then involuntarily you have a question: how to properly dispose of your money? Someone can just spend this money on useless things that will not bring any benefit in the future. Another will do otherwise and will try to invest their money so that in the future they will give a good income. I must say that now investments have become much more popular. Previously, it was possible to invest only a small and wealthy circle of people. But over time, the financial sector has become more loyal to the owners of small capital, as well as the widespread development of cryptocurrency allowed to invest virtually without restrictions, both for capital and for any other reasons (location, level of knowledge, etc.). Today I want to talk about this type of investment as venture capital. Investment in this case is as follows: you buy a share in the perspective of the company, if the company grows and begins to rise in price, respectively, and your share increases in price, which ultimately leads to an increase in its value. This type of investment is profitable, but the risks are high. Now to our favorite blockchain technology, why about it?


Project EQUI

The developers of this project decided to make their decision in the venture market, which allows investing in high-tech companies using the EQUI platform.The main objective of the project is to ensure the most convenient joint venture capital and fast-growing projects. The first, in turn, receive a profitable option for investment, the second — the necessary resources for their development. The platform will also help the projects with its support and necessary support to ensure that the companies can grow quickly and do not waste time searching for resources. With the help of EQUI’s own PLATFORM, both parties will receive the necessary tools for successful cooperation. The project team sets a high bar — more than seventy percent yield. Well, that sounds very tempting.

Platform EQUI

The platform will use the Ethereum blockchain. It will be used to store and process data and transactions. If we talk specifically about venture investment, here will be recorded all the actions associated with the purchase of shares, distribution of income, investment income, investor rewards. Smart_contract will serve as a simple and reliable way to record all the interactions of the participants of this platform, through which high security and transparency of all transactions and agreements will be achieved.

Token EQUI

A special token will be used to work on the platform, which will be used to access the system’s tools and investment projects.Three types of participants of this platform are planned:1. Investors. These are the people who plan to invest in a project suitable for them with the help of the platform. They will use EQUItokens to do this. For additional remuneration of investors will serve as a loyalty program — EQUIcredits. Every year investors will receive a bonus.2. Holders. They will give tokens to the system, as well as to the projects themselves. Keeping tokens in the system, holders will also receive a bonus.3. Traders. They will store their tokens in a non-platform. Also, they will not have access to investments and projects. Their main profitability is the growth of the token price. But the trader can send tokens to the system if he / she sees fit to take part in the projects.Investment projects will be carefully selected. The main attention will be paid to projects that are at an early stage of development.The main advantages of EQUI

  • Simple and safe tool for venture investments
    -Convenient and functional platform for all participants
    -Carefully selected information on projects. Special testing, requirements gathering and specifications
    -Rate of high return on investment
    -Project — a comprehensive support and maintenance.


When cryptocurrencies behave unstable, it’s time to look at other ways of investing, such as venture capital. The use of a decentralized platform in this case will help to quickly start the interaction of potential investors and projects that need resources. I would like to note that the projects will be especially selected to ensure that the risk of your investments was minimal.

More information here:
WebSite — https://www.equi.capital/registration
Facebook — https://web.facebook.com/equi.capital/
Twitter —  https://twitter.com/equi_capital
Telegram — https://t.me/equicapital
Medium — https://medium.com/equi-capital
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