You have got to be kidding me

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I try to only follow sports when they are having big things going on like world cup, playoffs, us open, things of that nature. It just so happens that is when most of these entities also make the largest social blunders. This day in history they penalized a female player because she took a normal heat break during the match and when she came back on the court she realized that she had slipped her new top on backward. So she took it off and turned it around real quick. She had on a sports bra that covered much more than any bakini at the beach would but got penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. All the while the male players are allowed to sit courtside with no shirt on at all. This is not right. I say if anyone wants to go topless period that that should be their right. Why are we mandated to wear cloths at all. It seems to go against nature really. When is the last time you saw a squirrel wearing pants or a business suit?

What I am getting at is the rediculous standard that women are held to compared to men. It is jsut a body part, stop being so up tight. Your life will not end and you will not be emotionally scared if you see a nipple or any other body part. What a sad ass world we live in.

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Thus really partiality .Men should also be treated like this.Rules r equal for men too. Why other did not raise voice against it ? @chillibeans

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