Epstein Sent Clinton $3.5 Million as Investigation Against Him Began in 2005

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Jeffrey Epstein's connections to powerful democrats was uncovered in previous reports from mainstream media, like the UK's Guardian. I guess that was when they were more honest, prior to the hit pieces on publishers of truth like Julian Assange.


Most notably there is Bill Clinton who was a passenger on Epstein's "lolita express", among others like Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacy. This was the private jet used to fly selected people to his "orgy island" where young girls (or boys?) were sexually preyed upon.

When it comes to the Clintons, the Guardian had reported that Epstein "donated" a whopping $3.5 million to the CLinton foundation from a secret Swiss bank account. This was just after the case against him was being investigated, which started in 2005.

Was this to secure favorable treatment? Possibly. He apparently was one of the founding members of the Clinton foundation as well.

In a sworn statement by Virginia Roberts, the woman who claims she was a teen sex slave forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, she confirms that Clinton was at the "orgy island", backing up the flight manifest records of the time.

Speaking with Lawyers, Roberts stated:

“I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’ kind-of-thing and he laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor’ … he never told me what favors they were.'”

Then forward a few years to the Justice departments case against Epstein, and Epstein gets a "Sweetheart deal" negotiated by lawyers including Ken Starr. Starr was part of the whitewash that cleared Clinton's finances and sex allegations during his presidency.

The FBI stopped their investigation, let him off easy by pleading guilty to a prostitution charge, and then sealed away all his files. This included video surveillance data of his sexual activities, along with his pals. Possibly including Clinton and others.

Who knows who is still paid and bought off, or has blackmail video being used to leverage an new deal for Epstein. We can only wait to see if anything at all will come of the new charges once the higher ups put the pressure on the FBI again.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I love all the "foundations", thought the steemit one that was proposed was odd af

If TPTB feel that Epstein is gonna start squealing, he may just get Suicided right out of the blue.

Sure does make you wonder whose the push behind this knowing there is so many prominent people involved, is it the Trump administration trying to leverage against the Clinton's Democratic machine or the Democratic machine trying to leverage itself against the Trump administration given how cheerful Pelosi was the other day when she said "we may lose a few of own but let's see where the chips fall". In regard to the latter I guess everyone is considered collateral damage in the quest to get Trump.

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That thought hasn't escaped me, when you think about it they literally would have to bring in an outsider to try clean up the mess they've made as politicians over the years. For such a plan to work without the whole world feeling insulted over a face about they'd have to pretend to hate him. They would be like the child(ren) who plays up against both parents to get what they want.

Yes it's obvious he was there he wouldn't have shown up on a flight plan exiting the island if he hadn't. How or why he was there is anyone's guess, could of been he went there on business, whatever the reason it doesn't mean he was complicit in anything he saw going on there.

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