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I decided to start a serie of posts about my investments in the STEEM ecosystem as a lot of you don't have information on all projects going on in our great ecosystem.

Most of the projects I invested in are available through Steem-Engine


My first and favorite investment is EpicDice (EPC)

You can find their website by here

This is a gambling dapp (dice game) which is rewarding daily Token holders with 50% of its earnings.

Meaning if the House earns 100 STEEM on a given day, 50 STEEM will be given as dividends to EPC Token Holders !

Warning and Disclosures !

I am not a financial advisor and I am just sharing my own opinion. I currently hold a lot of EPC and as an honest person, you should definitely know that before reading the rest of my investment thesis.

I would like to tell everyone NOT to play more than you can loose. Gambling is a SERIOUS addiction and can make you very unhappy, so please do not play if you know you can stop playing.

Fairness of the game

As I am not a software engineer, I had to trust other people but thanks to the STEEM Blockchain, every roll can be audited
As they state:

Every dice result is generated with a secret server hash and transaction ID from Steem blockchain. The real server seed will be revealed every 2 minutes so players can verify the dice result by insert the Transaction ID of the bet.*

Full link with the program to audit your rolls here:

Landing Page


You can either connect with @keychain or @steemconnect, as you prefer.

Dividends and Tokens Page


As you can see, at the moment the House is earning 301+ STEEMs, as said previously 50% goes to token holders, as I have c.4% of the EPC Tokens, I will get 4% of the 150.508 STEEM that goes to Token holders.

As you can see, I have been paid already 344 STEEMs as dividends.

Current Supply and Maximum Supply


At the moment, 8.344% of EPC have been distributing and as you can see on this photo, the amount of EPC you are mining halves every 10% of the supply being released to players, SP delegators.

Therefore when we will reach 10%, you will earn 50 EPC for every STEEM waged, this will make your current EPC more valuable and "mining" a.k.a gambling less "EPC luccrative".

This is very positive for EPC price in the short (only 1.5% left before the first halving) and long term !

Trading and EPC on Steem-


I bought my first EPCs a month and a half ago after reading a post on Steemit. I bought them under 0.0001 Steem/EPC and tried to gather a nice stack since then.

What's impressive on the picture above is the BUY Wall you are seeing.

Many tokens on Steem-Engine, lack liquidity. Meaning if I had 1000$ of ABC Token and wanted to sell, it would take me a LOT of time and I would end up selling the last ones for a penny.

This photo shows that a lot of buyers are positionned to buy EPC "if" prices go a little bit lower, I guess some others also believe in this token.

What to expect from now on?

  • Halving after just 1.5% more supply being distributed should help prices go up as it will be more and more difficult for players to get their hands on a lot of EPC tokens
  • The team has been talking about a new game in development that should be live soon (then to define "soon" is something else :) )
  • More dividends thanks to the new game maybe ? Also, maybe more players?

If you would like to try out, please use this link:, then write a comment, and I will send some upvote your way ;)

Visit their website here

Don't hesitate to comment, I will set a nice @steem-bounty to reward best comments and resteems !

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I myself don't like EpicDice that much
Tbh I don't like it at all.

But I threw you a follow just so I see what your other 4 are :)

If steemmonsters is not one of them I will be sincerely dissapointed

Thanks for the follow ;). I guess you will have to wait 😂🙌

I think I have 54k Epc. Dice rolls is not that interesting to me x)
Thats why I like Kryptogames more.
Cheeky ref: :p

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I was delegating to earn EPC.. I’ll probably buy some!

I personally do, then it’s up to you

It is nice to see that you have lot of investment in EPC. Looks good ROI.

Indeed good ROI 🙌. I have also seen you in the top holders ;).

I will be following you closely, I really like this investment and I will buy some tokens

Please do and come interact with me often ;).

For myself I'm mainly invested in Steemmonsters but recently found out about a new game on the blockchain called SteemKnights that I think will be interesting. Its beta release launches in 5 days.

My affiliate link if your interested. It will take you to the official site:

Yes I need to check this game out for sure !

Interesting. I have signed up under your link. Thanks for sharing this.🙏

Great ! Thank you and have fun

Good insight and quite some opportunities to look over. For sure will come back and read the other investments and learn from you. Thanks for sharing and keep it up as any participant on the steem blockchain adds value to the economy of it all.

Indeed, building steem one post/comment at a time.

Same man I have been buying and buying. Good series you got going on.

Good to know somebody thinks alike ! The house has been losing for a few days now ! As good capitalist I want me to win and the house to win too😂

@flipstar @abrockman, @chetanpadliya, @niel96, @diehard2k9, @dicetime, @rollingindeep, @yuriks2000, @netaterra.
Hello 👋 biggest EPC holders ! Share the love ❤️ !

Will sure do! Excellent investment opportunity. Good to know about halving, thanks!

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I need more money to buy more steem ,😀

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@vlemon, Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and experience with us. When it comes to Gambling then it's preferable for those who can control their emotions because the nature of Gambling is really dynamic.

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I had the perfect strategy to bet on epicdice... but I lost, and I lost a lot. Since then I stopped playing dice, but investing in some epc tokens doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Too bad it stopped working. Investment is less risky but longer term 😉

I usually go into epicdice one time per day and roll once for the minimum bet. I have 3 blogs and one of them gets dividends for singing up the other two. I have about 500 of the tokens on each blog and have done nothing else. I win most of the time, but I think the losses I do get wipe out the winnings. I'm not a gambler, but decided to try this. The plan is still in place, and I do not think I will stop.

After I lost some steem to 2 dice games, I've lost interest in them

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