A top Bitshares witness joins EOS Argentina: Welcome RNGlab

in eosio •  7 months ago

From day one we have been concerned about having an experienced team that carries out the task of launching a new blockchain in a smooth manner.

In this sense, we contacted a top 21 Bitshares witness that not only has the experience of being there during the launch of Bitshares, but also maintaining the network for over 5 years. Luckily for us, he agreed to help us and he is already working on the Community Testnets and the Bios Boot tool proposed by EOS Canada .

Nahu and his team RNGlab share our views on community building and it is a great pleasure for us to have them on board.

We will now work together to build great things for the EOS Community.


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Steemit: @eosargentina

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Glad to be part of this superb team!

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Nice one