EOS SOCAL Shares Block.one's Core Values Necessary to Maximize the Integrity & Potential of EOS Public Chain

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Block.one recently published their statement recognizing its responsibility to participate as an active minority voting member and will begin allocating votes to block producer that share the core values necessary to maximize the integrity and potential of the EOS public blockchain network.

We at EOS SOCAL are proud to say that we indeed share the following core values as highlighted by Block.one

  1. EOS SOCAL prides itself in honesty, integrity and fairness as highlighted in our Statement of Values
  2. We have gone the extra mile to ensure transparency of our identity, activities and decision making process. We have published such and made it accessible on our website and in our Statement of Values. Further, we have developed the transparency and accountability dashboard to allow us to be transparent about the use of our block producer rewards and encourage others to do the same.
  3. We pledge to abide by smart contracts and programming of network participants in absence of proven systemic bugs. We understand intent is what should dictate results.
  4. We are committed to being available 24/7 for processing transactions, upgrading the network and responding to emergencies. We have a shift-based operation allowing us to maintain network monitoring at all times.
  5. We pledge to maintain compliance with the Ricardian Contract we entered into when we registered as block producers.
  6. We are in agreement and alignment with the latest proposed constitution

We aspire to be recognized by Block.one for our alignment, compliance and core values as required to maximize the potential of the EOSIO public blockchain.

The EOS SOCAL team

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