EOS TODAY: EOS STILL SMASHING THE CHARTS!! UP 9%!! | Price Update / Overview Series. | My Way of Trying to Contribute a Little More.

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Charting EOS today, we see yet again, -- it is trading at a new ATH.

Earlier today, it hit a new ATH of $22.89 USD.

The USD pricing is being smashed daily for new highs lately.

-- Not many other coins I have seen are approaching ATH's yet after 4 months of the bloodbath as I have mentioned before many times.

That fact is truly impressive.

We know I am a fan of EOS and @dan / @dantheman -- Dan Larimer.

I am a fan of EOS and root for it and the team every day!

I've been meaning to flesh out a daily or maybe 3x/weekly report like this / series for awhile now.

I want to contribute even more to the EOS project in some small way.


#5 Spot in Market Cap achieved last week, passing LiteCoin. Cardano has passed LTC also now.

  • It happened overnight as we headed into April 22nd, 2018:

5 EOS $17,431,703,221 $21.13

6 Cardano $9,378,573,299 $0.361729

7 Litecoin $8,648,798,181 $153.59

  • Today, the price of EOS has been UP nearly 9% !!

1 Month View/Chart:

1 Week View/Chart:

1 Day View/Chart:

Rank 5th Based on Market Cap

$21.07 USD (8.39%)

0.00224062 BTC (8.62%)
0.03051230 ETH (8.23%)

Market Cap
$17,383,199,792 USD
1,848,261 BTC
25,169,237 ETH

Volume (24h)
$4,852,280,000 USD
515,917 BTC
7,025,650 ETH

Circulating Supply
824,888,238 EOS

Total Supply
900,000,000 EOS

Max Supply
1,000,000,000 EOS

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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I browse reddit cryptocurrency and other chats. And the FUD spread around EOS is unbelievable! So many people shouting SCAM, shitcoin, scamcoin etc. Every single time I look into their profiles, they are shilling ethereum or cardano or nano. They are either scared EOS will be the dominant crypto in a couple months and their cryptos will be obsolete. Or they are simply ignorant sheep who listen to people like John Oliver for investment advice. Gonna be fun to see their faces in a couple months once main net is launched ;)


Amen to this fact LOL

This is really crazy. Do you think it is wise to buy more EOS now or wait for it to come down in price?


Good question


Whatever the price is now, it will be worth a lot more in a month or two. Best advice is to "dollar cost average" slowly buy in every day.


Not investment advice.

Not sure if it WILL come down ever again.

Look at the charts from a year ago when ETH was at or rising from $11......

And last week EOS was at $11.


exactly, like two weeks ago i was told to buy at $5 but i hesitated. I later bought very costly at $11, lucky it went to $14 like the next day. Then i realized that i would have bought enough.. This is becoming crazy lol

Thank you for the update, Barry! I’m a very happy EOS hodler right now. :D