EOS Gravity Meet-up with international BPs -Hong Kong

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On 6th, April, Blockone had a meetup in HongKong where BPs from all over the world gathered together. EOS Gravity took this opportunity to create a platform for BPs to exchange ideas and visions, all with the same goal to build a prosperous and healthy EOS ecosystem.


Currently, there's been a lack of communication among BPs. Therefore, EOS Gravity meetup intended to connect our counterparts from over the world.

The meetup is mainly for:
Promote communication amongs BPs
Information sharing and help each other
Incubation platform

Attending the meetup are:

1.Benjamin Rameau--Host of EOS.IO meetup HongKong
2.EOSPHERE--Austalian BP candidate
3.Chen Yanfeng--Founder of Cybex
4.Li Jinma--Founder of Golden Horse Award
5.Wu Guanggeng--Co-founder of Bixin
6.Zi Cen--Founder of Hello EOS
8.Other BP representatives

1. EOS Hong Kong Meetup Initiator——Benjamin Rameau

First off, Ben gave a detailed introduction on the unparalleled technological advantage and relatively lower fee of EOS, which underpin the strong foundation for DApps development.

With a large number of community base, EOS has been constantly growing its members over its course of development in the past year. He appeals to the BP candidates to make preparations for the advent of EOS ecosystem.

2.Australian BP candidate-EOSPHERE


Ross showed his gratitude for being invited and said it was an honour and surprise to have the opportunity to present.

He introduced his team who were also at the meetup and mentioned that he had

cooperations with BM on BTS and steemit. In addition, he showed supports for the idea

that there should be more communication among BPs proposed by Ocean.

Based on the talks he had with staffs from Blockone, Ross believes that it is not likely that Blockone will handle all the control to BPs.

EOSPHERE is a team featuring professionism. Ross intruduced the current situation of Australian community and his opinions on Supernode.

At the end, Ross invited EOS Gravity to visit Australia with the hope of enhancing communication and cooperation.

3、The expectations I have for EOS

Founder of Golden Horse Award——Li Jinma

Li Jinma is a writer. He insists on writing an article on Bihu everyday as he said writing is the best way to learn. He made a fortune of 300,000 RMB after a month of writing everyday, ranking the top of revenue list on Bihu. The number of community member just exceeded 4100.

1、Entrance: what is a better decentrilized application and 令牌经济. (Wallet, exchange and instant messages)
2、Better DApps: to build a invisible hand. To form a benign economy where everyone cooperates for the sake of personal gain, and therefore to construct a prosperous economical system.
For example: Current ones: press.one; ulord; primas. Possible ones(might appear in the future): search engines like Google and Baidu based on block chain
3、He has immense confidence on blockchain:Long EOS,Short everything.
4、Advantages EOS has over ETH, BTC: ICO convenience, high concurrency, low rate, etc.
5、Conclusion: Jinma knows his strength and weakness. As a part of EOS ecosystem, he has a clear and confident vision on the future development.

4、Decentrilized Asset Trading Platform——Cybex

Founder:Chen Yanfeng

Cybex was made to become the first ever decentrilized exchange side chain as centrilization always comes with regulation and control problems.

Our understanding of dpos was very profound when we were developing Cybex. Dpos made a lot of improvements, including a lot of parameters and many problems can be solved by voting. You can give suggestions and the design is very subtle. Cybex is based on graphen and Dpos chose the same.

The management of our public accounts is an atomic transaction managed by this method. We use this transaction method and use a cross-chain solution.

Currently, cybex is not a completely decentrilized. To provide a network management solution, we have a hotline wallet and a cold wallet. In order to increase security, only 5% is using hot wallet, and 95% uses cold wallet.

Decentralized financing options also appear in cybex, such as Dutch auctions. A lot of

crowdfunding templates will be provided and many crowdfunding plans will be introduced.

Provide decentralized mortgages, introduce gateways to mortgage bitcoins or cybex coins,

multi-sign hosting solutions, and hardware are more secure, we have made a hardware

cold-wallet, multi-signed keys, we may provide the first eos hardware wallet to To the


The difference in centralization is that the centralised exchange is very expensive, and if it

does not change, the currency on the centralized exchange will be bad. The cost of

decentralized exchanges is very low, and we must also limit the cluttered projects and

design some mechanisms.


Founder of EOS Gravity——Ocean(Liao Yangyang)

Ocean said he was very happy to see lots of people at the meetup. And the reason for holding a meetup is that he thinks there should be more communication among BPs and this meetup was originally designed to create a platfrom of communication.

Therefore, BPs can sit together talking about themselves, what they've done to become a BP and what's the difficulties they encountered during the process. EOS Gravity suggests that all BPs should work together like a big family. We know that there must be some misunderstandings due to cultural and other factors. And all of us should try to break the invisible wall to stand together and help each other.

In order to pull off a successful meetup this time, EOS Gravity has made a lot of preparations and as well as publicities inside of China. At the same time, EOS Gravity is interested in situations in other countries. We hope that BPs in other countries will keep us updated the latest event.

All of us shares the same goal: a better, stronger EOS.

We get to know more excellent BP and BP candidates through EOS. We are more than

willing to form a friendly, cooperative relationship with all of you. Only when EOS becomes

better and bigger that each of us can grow bigger and stronger.

Be responsible and fulfill the job as a supernode is one way to deep engage in EOS ecosystem.

Recent updates of EOS Gravity: Over 100,000 active members; over 12 plaforms; Gravity Time Roadshow; Gravity Node(to find EOS Ecosystem builder from within the community)

Future goal: Help each other for a win-win solution

6、HelloEOS is Running for BP

Yoyow Co-founder——Zi Cen

He stated that he will use all the experience gained in his current operation of Yoyow to maintain EOS ecosystem, and that he once communicated with BM when he was developing Steem. And HelloEOS will to be a qualified BP candidate.

7、EOSBIXIN is Running for BP

EOSBIXIN mainly focus on two things: Wallet and BP. Three proposals were raised: independence; rule of order; Contribution to EOS ecosystem.


1、Blockone had a meetup in Hongkong and EOS Gravity took this opportunity to serve as a bridge to BPs. The timing is perfect and EOS Gravity paid a lot of attention on this event and the value behind

2、BPs from other countries showed great interests and enthusiasm in participating. EOS Gravity took the first step forward to show our counterparts our friendiness and openness, thus paving the way for further communication.

3、EOS Gravity will recruit Gravity Nodes and will be holding more meetups. We will provide assistance in promoting Gravity Nodes and work hard to expand our community, with the ultimate goal of making our contribution to the EOS ecosystem.

Last but not least, EOS Gravity is actively seeking to reach those who aspire to contribute to EOS ecosystem. If you happen to be one of them, please contact us and we are more than willing to help you in regards of finance, technology and marketing.

Please contact: bp@eosfans.one

Thank you to everyone that attended the events or even followed our progress on twitter, steemit and Facebook.

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