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This is how is distributing the EOS coins, over a period of almost a year.

There will be one billion EOS coins. 100 millions will be own by

The other 900 millions are distributed over 351 periods.

Period #0 occurred at the end of June, beginning of July and lasted 5 days (120 hours).

Periods #1 to #350 are consecutive periods of 23 hours over 335 days.

For each period, there are a number of coins offered:

  • for period #0, there were 200 million coins.
  • for each period #1 to #350, there are 2 million coins.

For each period, you can send Ethereums (ETH), but you don't know how many EOS coins you will get. At the end of the period, the number of EOS coins offered during the period is divided by the total number of Ethereums sent, and that yields the price of the EOS coin for the period.

We are currently in period #21, that will end at 9AM Pacific Time tomorrow Friday July 21st.

EOS - Decentralize Everything - Google Chrome_003.png

As you can see on the picture, after more than 8 hours, around 200 ETHs have been received.

Most of the ETHs are sent in the last hour of the period, if not the last 10 minutes, by people hoping that there will not be too many ETHs offered for the period, so they can get more EOS coins.

Before the start of the distribution, I realized that during period #0 there will be an average of 20 million EOS coins per day, compared to 2 millions during the other 350 periods of a little less that a day. So, my hypothesis was that period #0 was the best period to buy EOS coins.

EOS Token Distribution - Google Chrome_002.png

Up to now, after 21 periods (#0 to #20) my hypothesis has been verified:

  • the best period was #0: 0.00326 ETH/EOS
  • the next one was #1: 0.00625 ETH/EOS
  • the worst period was #2: 0.02214 ETH/EOS

There still are 330 periods before the end of the distribution. So, during any of these periods, it is possible that the price of each EOS coin could be lower that the price during period #0, but I doubt it.

The total number of ETHs sent to so far is over 1 million. At the current price of Ethereum, this is over US$200Millions.

This method of distribution if pure genius, as there will be more buyers over a so long distribution period.

It is also diabolical, as you don't know when you send your ETHs how many EOS coins you will get.

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Remember people, just because this project is backed by the guy who made Steem, and other accredited fellows, doesn't mean that this isn't a shit token.

Invest wisely, and please don't get caught up in the hype.


This just can't be stressed enough. Odds are most people you ask won't know what EOS aims to even improve.

Some of the best questions I've wanted ask are:

  1. Okay, we're giving them all this money but do they need it right this second?
  2. Can they even spend it given responsibly that they have to convert it to fiat in order to invest in capital?
    • By responsibly I mean can they convert the ETH to fiat currencies without causing significant drops in prices? Most markets in the crypto world don't have liquidity for even 25% of the current ETH funds they have..
  3. How exactly do they plan on solving the problem of not having enough eligible developers to even interview from? There's very low supply of good crypto devs
  4. Can they do everything they promise before Ethereum upgrades their networks? (This one probably bugs me the most because the project has a long way to go, and as with most projects they may be too optimistic (Hofstadter's law, look it up, pretty interesting and consistent)

Testnet this summer, ie. next two months. As an investor you have to ask yourself: is Dan going to shit the bed or knock it out of the park? I have followed closely and invested in all of Dan's projects and EOS is taking it to a whole new level. This is first project where Dan has the A-Team, and A-Team has Dan. I put 75% of my stake in Period 0 and the remaining 25% over the following two weeks. I am all in. Gentlemen, place your bets. :)


I see. Good to know about the Test-net. I generally stay away from ICOs, and even if I wanted to participate in period #0 all my funds were tied up in Civic (which performed marvellously so far by the way).

Best of luck to you all!


I put 100% in period #0.

So basically, distribution is kinda like a lottery then? Hmm

Thanks for the clear explanation
I reckon (and hope) there is a good chance that cryptocurrency can compete if not supercede the current system - so what we are trying to do is bet on which version will do this.
For me, EOS has possibilities / advantages over BTC / ETC and is worth a bet.

My bet is that all periods will be well worth the investment as EOS is such an important contribution to the Blockchain and crypto currencies as a whole. Finally an alternative to the crappy economical system we all been brought up in! :)

Good read, very informative. Out of those 330 left, it's either the worst or the best period comes to mind.


Surely, guys buy as much as you can afford. Forget about it for about a year or so. You will never regret about it. I believe the Globalists are loosing grip on how they have been controlling us. Kudos Block Chain Technology.

That seems very strange. It's really like a lottery ticket.


Not exactly like a lottery ticket, as most lottery tickets are worthless.
For EOS, you will get some coins, but you don't know how many.


Right, but still an odd way to invest, n'est-ce pas?

So perhaps a period when many people are off on vacation would be a good time? ;)


Perhaps, but I doubt it. Many people in the North hemisphere are on vacation in July, but the price of the EOS coin is still high compared to period #0.


Exchange status on the different markets show there are significantly higher volume on the EOS/CNY (26 Mill) trading pair compared to the second highest 24 hour volume trading pair EOS/USD (2 Mill)

If, at all, trivial factors as vacation is to be calculated in the investment analysis, try to understand the Chinese market, as this, in my eyes, is the dominant player.

Data that would be interesting:

The increase in 24h volume EOS traded as each window close.

Benchmark goals and the markets reaction, e.g testnet.

August 1, the BTC fork.


I wonder if there are not traders that have realized that buying EOS coins in the distribution and selling them for ETH will increase your ETHs.
If you increase your stash by 3% and you do that every day for 100 days, you will multiply your initial investment by 19.
For 5%, it is x131

If I was a trader, I would try to do just that.


How do you think the BTC fork will affect the crypto markets?


I don't know if there will be a fork, and if there is one, how it will affect the market.

Really interesting. Thanks for posting!

Thank you so much for this great post
im a newbies in cryptocurrency and i want to invest in EOS
i think that EOS will skyrocket soon:)
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How many coins will i get as a newbie?


Depends on how much in ETH you transfer (during the ICO, but you can also trade EOS on an exchange to get some). By the way, the number of coins is not relevant, the price each coin is valued on the market, is of interest. Good luck.

This is beautiful, those guys are really good.

I think its a good idea, it prevents market manipulation and gives more rarity to the cryptocurrency

I too bet a lot on period 0.

I'm an unapologetic Graphene fanboy, I think. My longterm plays are STEEM, BTS and EOS. I bought in on round #0 and four other rounds with varying results. I think the best I've done is $1.20, other than the opening round. I'm far from a knowledge crypto guy, though. I just go on instincts for the most part, but I think EOS has a big future. Thanks for the insight, @vcelier. Followed for sure! I love having good analytical dives in to some of these coins!

it seems that no so many people are trying to buy and resell instantly. The market is just trying to buy the token as cheaper as possible. I am trying to get in the day the price is not align with the market and make substantial profit ^^

Vincent , isnt this too vague to engage in it? You really dont know much and cannot predict anything with this distribution.... In the end noone has a clue how much will eos be worth after the distribution is done. Please comment.


You really cannot predict anything about Bitcoins either.

All you can tell is that during the last period (#20) the price of the EOS coin was US$1.67, and the current market price on is US$1.87.


could be hype ;)

very good

ARe you buying any EOS @vcelier? I'm considering it. I watched a video of Dan explaining EOS and it was fascinating.

Great quick breakdown. Thanks!

Hi nice post please follow back and upvote my post thanks

I agree is pretty slick to do this way. Spread out the period, stabilize the market appetite and observe the trend. For me is best to term ICO as International Contribution Offering a.k.a donation drive. Not expecting much, just like how Ethereum was once offered at 1BTC for 2000ETH.

I found this post that you might find interesting (sorry if you already know)
It scans the Ethereum blockchain for EOS current period and it displays the current price: