EOS Factory 2.3 release, EOS 1.5.0 compatibility added + other requested features.

in #eos2 years ago

Bear market or not, we are very happy to announce the next release of our EOS Factory v2.3
Several highly requested features got added, and also ongoing bugfixing has cleaned up some of the problems. Most importantly, we have added compatibility to the current production version of EOS, but also, see the new features below.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 13.59.14.png

New features available in v2.3:

  • Compatibility with EOSIO v1.5.0
  • Support for binary version of EOSIO (while support for a source code build is maintained)
  • Smart-contract are built using EOSIO Contract Development Toolkit (CDT)
  • Support for setting account and action permissions
  • Optional nodeos output to file
  • Several bug fixes

Full documentation can be found here. Please remember to leave us comments and use our EOS Factory Telegram support in case of any questions. Also any feature requests and ideas are always welcome - don't hesitate to let us know how what you would like to see in the next releases. And last but not least, if you believe in EOS development, vote Tokenika4eos - it will help us deliver these tools faster and better :) Thank you <3

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