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Many people are asking this exact question and after searching the internet for several days, I couldn’t find the answer. So a trip into the EOS Telegram room, and several people helped me. Thanks Fuzzy!

This infographic is based on the answers I received plus a fantastic EOS guide on Steemit that was written by @sandwich:
This guide was the best out there as far as explaining how the EOS public key mapping works, and the deadline to do that is June 3, 2018.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the public key mapping of the EOS tokens, and rightly so. Most people don’t understand what is going on. After spending several full days unraveling this stuff, I think I know how to explain it in a clear way. This mostly applies to people using MyEtherWallet. EOS has setup their own method which is easy to use with Chrome and MetaMask. However, not everyone uses Chrome, so there is a need for people to figure out the steps associated with MyEtherWallet.

Here goes:

The EOS blockchain is not alive yet, but it will be after June 2018 (that’s the target date). These new EOS tokens will have specific functionalities, and these will only be live on the EOS blockchain in the future. In order to get these new EOS blockchain tokens that will exist in the future, you need to register your Ethereum wallet address with a public key to EOS. So all the EOS you own now will need to be in that same Ethereum wallet that you registered with EOS.

Think of it this way:

Your Ethereum wallet that holds your EOS tokens is like a house, with an address. You put your EOS tokens inside this house. But the future EOS blockchain has no idea where this house is. You must register your Ethereum wallet address with EOS so that you can get your new EOS tokens that reside on the future EOS blockchain.


When the snapshot of all EOS token ownership is taken in the future, your Ethereum wallet that holds EOS will be included in this snapshot as long as you registered it. When this snapshot is taken, you will be able to claim the real live EOS blockchain tokens. But only those who registered their tokens with EOS will be given these new EOS blockchain tokens.
So, a page has been set up in order to generate your public-private key pair for the future EOS blockchain. The person who created it states:

This will generate a private and public key pair for the EOS chain. The code is not mine. It is forked from the code the EOS team built. The difference is that this works in any browser without the web3 dependency. It will work in any browser and you don’t need any plugins. I’ve also removed everything else except the key generation bits.

Go here to generate your public-private key pair for EOS:

Personally, If I were running EOS, I’d set up a technical helpline on the days before the snapshot, because I bet there will be a significant number of people who don’t understand what needs to happen and why. This stuff is pretty complicated because we are talking about future events, new technology that barely anyone understands and snapshots of a blockchain that doesn’t currently exist.

I’m looking forward to what EOS creates since creating smart contracts on Ethereum can be a costly endeavor that occurs accidentally. A friend of mine bought $35 worth of EOS through the crowdsale and ended up accidentally spending $12 in ETH gas fees in the process. The ETH gas fee was set automatically too high and my friend didn’t know she could manually adjust this amount.

Follow the official EOS blog on Steemit:

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So what happens if one accidentally generates two EOS public keys for the same ETH wallet, but performs the ICO ETH transfer before the second key was generated? Which key will be valid in the end? Both? The one before the transfer? The latest one (regardless of how many keys are generated)?

i don't know how to answer.....

The public EOS key which will be valid is the one that you would have linked (i.e. mapped) to your Ethereum wallet. You can only link one EOS public key to another Ethereum public key I believe. Here's an article how to do just that. It was created for the Exodus wallet, but you could follow most of the steps in detail and replace the Exodus related items with the wallet you're using and the method you normally use to open your MyEthereumWallet:

but I don't understand where I need to register the EOS address that I just generated with your link @stellabelle.
I bought some EOS tokens on Kraken but without even fully understanding what I have done.

Where do I do what you are (thankfully) warning me I need to do?

I'm going to try googling but if you have the easy answer...

And yes, I use chrome.

Importante que compartas esta interesante información con toda la comunidad, tienes muy buenos conocimientos respecto al tema la felicito sigue así @stellabelle

does somebody know if it will be enough to hold Eos in Exodus wallet?

Hi, I recently registered some eos from the exodus wallet.

@stellabelle is correct, however you do not have to actually have a myetherwallet to complete the registration process.

Here is the step by step procedure from the Exodus website. It's a bit long and of course a little nerve racking but i managed to complete the process. You can also verify that your tokens are registered successfully with the final steps.

Good luck!

Thanks. I'm also using Exodus!

thank you @v4vapid this step by step guide should solve my problem and it seems I can keep my eos in Exodus

oh, great that this was brought up, because I didn't know that!

you could keep them in the Exodus wallet and map the Ethereum public key of your wallet to your EOS public key. However, leaving your crypto coins on any wallet other than a cold wallet is very risky. If I were you, I would buy a cold wallet such as Trezor and move the EOS (and any other supported tokens) to it. Trezor supports MyEthereumWallet, so you would simply send your EOS from your Exodus wallet to one of your new Ethereum public addresses that your Trezor wallet will generate. Just remember that if you had previously mapped the EOS tokens that were in your Exodus wallet to the Ethereum address linked to that wallet, you would need to repeat that process after you move them to your MyEthereumWallet which your Trezor wallet would hold the private keys for. If you don't do that, all purchased EOS tokens would still be mapped in that case to your old Exodus wallet and not your new MyEthereumWallet (which Trezor unlocks since the private key of that wallet would be stored on your Trezor device in that case). In other words, your purchased EOS would be mapped to an Ethereum public address that would be pretty much empty in that case, since you have moved your EOS tokens to a new Ethereum address.

oh wow, thanks, as I didn't know that! Thank you.

Looks like @v4vapid has the answers below:

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Nice content as always :) @africa for news about cryptocurrencies (beyond bitcoin)

Good explanation. We are more and more mixing now and future.

Thanks. This was helpful.

EOS is in route to $2500.00 USD after ICO

Very very interesting Summer 2018 will be a crazy year

I didn't realise how good the price of EOS is at the moment. $1.66 is pretty good. I don't think it will drop even further and if anything the price of altcoins are going to go up as this rubber band effect happens with all this new money invested into the markets. It seems like the price of bitcoin is already decreasing a little.

I'll be sure to put my EOS into an Ethereum wallet to get the new EOS blockchain tokens. I guess people should just keep their EOS in a wallet rather than exchange as the time nears.

Sad to hear your friend lost quite a substantial amount of money due to gas fees. I wish it was more clear so people don't make mistakes and in the process lose some money.

Thank you @stellabelle for letting us know about all this information which will most likely save some peoples cash haha

It's like a future investment , buying a house and waiting for the move in date . I actually did not know anything about this , so it kinda expanded my mind to look into it and do more research , never know what can benefit you

I used the Exodus instructions for the EOS hook up and it is straight by the book.

Just follow the Instructions, step by step. Easy Peasy

As always, the Keys are in your hands.
If you lose them, your crypto coin is gone.
(Well not exactly gone, just entombed and unreachable forever,
in its Crypto Crypt)

It is one of the many issues when dealing in Crypto currencies.

Coming from a culture of Password123 written on sticky notes on PC's, to the Mind bending Crypto Key words and every digital scam artist trying to put their virtual hands into your virtual pockets.

Do I get Paranoid! You Betcha.

meaning i still need to put it in Exodus or myetherwallet to Register my tokens??
pls answer need help.
Thanks alot.

yes it is an ERC20 token and you have to register it.

this shows even more to know.. thanks or taking time to do educational posts.. I am still learning the very basics..

Excellent read, i couldn't quite get my head around the registering process until i read your paragraph 'Think of it this way'.... which i did and then it made sense. cheers :)

Thank you for posting very usable information .

Nice and clear. I would add that Metamask is purely for purchasing EOS. It is not a wallet where you could receive coins. It is more a shapeshift kind of thing:)
I use several different currencies but setting Myetherwallet was just pain in unintuitive. As far as crypto is so crypto there will be no mass adoption by an every Joe. And yeah, the whole EOS distribution is so difficult to understand especially when you read through all these law stuff. In short you buy smtg what does't exist, have no use, have no garancy of future use, and also giving away all legal rights or ownerships you would expect after purchasing nothing RC20 token. Pretty hillarious. I just believe in talent and skills of Dan Larimer. Good luck and peace!

Thanks for sharing this guide I had no idea that this could be done

Thanks for sharing this tip with us as eos is a good coin to buy and hold. Would have been great if we can buy via bitshares platform or even via EOS website.
Thanks for the tips

MyEthereumWallet is a pretty good choice for holding EOS tokens.

Thanks for this information. I purchased some EOS through Bitfinex and was looking for answers and how to move the tokens off the exchange.

Wow ,, great post @stellabelle

EOS has a great performance , it will be huge in the future , thank you so much for this helpful post

Very helpful information I was totally ignorant of. Thank you very much.

Good info. upvoted thx for that ... follow you

Can I trade/exchange bitcoin to get EOS tokens from Exodus wallet and send those token to Metamask wallet where you already have registered public key and Tokens claim from EOS APP?

I actually don't know the answer to that.....I know Exodus has a tutorial on how to register EOS from Exodus wallet.

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That's a great summary @stellabelle.

Thanks again.

I bought EOS on Bitfinex. Can I just leave it there?

I am bookmarking this page as I really need further study to be able to decipher what this EOS is all about. However, thanks for sharing

Thank you very much dear @stellabelle for your answer and the work you are doing!

Thank you Stellabelle for sharing this helpful post! After claiming some tokens and registered/linked my metamask ETH address with EOS, is there anything else to do? Should I transfer my (claimed) token to metamask or will it be done automatically after June 3rd?
I understand leaving some EOS token on their website is not the best option, my ledger nano does not support EOS yet so I would really appreciate some help!

Thank you!