Staked: EOS Block Producer Candidate Report

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Staked is pleased to announce it’s block producer candidacy for the EOS network. Staked operates the most secure, performant, and cost-effective block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Our multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the ideal combination of security, scalability and decentralization.

Official Block Producer Candidate Name


Current EOS Username


Location of Company Headquarters

Boston, Massachusetts

Public Presence






Location of Servers

Virginia, New York City Metro, Florida + Multi-Provider Cloud

Server Infrastructure

Staked nodes are deployed on high-performance computing resources in a multi-tier configuration that combines security and scalability while minimizing centralization on hardware providers. The infrastructure uses Kubernetes orchestration to ensure high availability and extremely low network latency, and can be scaled on-demand with network growth.

DDoS Protection

AWS Shield, Elastic Load Balancing and advanced IP address obfuscation techniques are used to defend against malicious network, transport and application layer denial of service attacks.

Listening Cloud

Publicly accessible nodes that provide the core scalability for the EOS network. Our listening cloud dynamically allocates resources from multiple cloud service providers, including AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud. Orchestrated by Kubernetes, the listening cloud enables near-infinite scale, self-healing and a decentralized hardware infrastructure.

Signing Servers

Bare metal servers responsible for producing and signing blocks. The signing servers are secured in military grade data centers in the United States, have hardware signing modules for key security, and are fire-walled so they can only communicate with the listening servers.

Bare Metal / Signing Server Specifications

Processor: 8 cores scaling up to 96 x 2.5 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum 8175 processors using Advanced Vector Extension (AXV-512) instruction set 

Memory: 64 GiB scaling up to 384 GiB

Storage: 256 GiB scaling up to 16 TB on solid state drives with 160 MB/s throughput

Dedicated Bandwidth: 2 Gb/s scaling up to 25 Gb/s


The Staked team has a long and successful track record of starting, building and operating web services at companies such as IAC/InterActiveCorp, Vimeo, AdBuyer/MediaOcean, Paytronix Systems,, Haystagg and Think Gaming (YC 2014).

Tim Ogilvie, CEO

Tim has spent 20 years starting and operating technology companies. Most recently, Tim founded Y-Combinator-backed Think Gaming, a SaaS data platform focused on mobile games. Previously, he was founder and CEO of, an early demand side platform (sold to Mediaocean), and was a pre-launch employee at two successful consumer Internet companies, Interactive Search Holdings and Pronto (both sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp). He graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Computer Science. 

Seth Riney, CTO

Prior to Staked, Seth architected and implemented large-scale big data pipelines and devops systems on AWS at Paytronix, a provider of loyalty solutions, and OM1, a health outcomes and registries company focused on the measurement and prediction of treatment outcomes. Previously, Seth was the CTO of Haystagg, a real-time ad bidding technology start-up. Seth has considerable experience consulting on cloud security and compliance in the Financial Services/Securities industry. He graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Astronomy & Physics.

Jonathan Marcus, COO

Prior to Staked, Jonathan was the founder and CEO of Goodsie and (sold to Moo), helped grow Vimeo from 2-to-16 FTEs as VP/General Manager, co-founded Pronto (sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp), and held a variety of incubation roles at IAC/InterActivecorp. His career started in the Technology M&A Investment Banking Group at Banc of America Securities. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Economics.

EOS Network Stewardship

Staked pledges to cultivate a close working relationship with the developers, contributors, investors and token holders in the EOS community to ensure that we understand the objectives and motivations of the different constituents, and are in a position to help make informed governance decisions.

Planned EOS Initiatives

Staked plans to leverage its founders’ broad experience in SaaS to develop a web service that will provide EOS investors and token holders with real-time data insights and KPIs across a broad range of EOS network, dApp and usage metrics.

Planned Use of Block Producer Rewards

Staked plans to continually re-invest EOS block producer rewards into upgrading it’s EOS server infrastructure and security. We plan to expand our bare metal servers into data centers located in under-represented geographic regions around the world to help further decentralize the EOS block production infrastructure and strengthen the network against potential geo-political risks and attacks.

Dividend Position

Per the latest draft of the EOS Constitution, Staked pledges to never buy or sell votes, or “dividend” any block producer rewards in exchange for votes.

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