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Learnings from building my first dapp on EOS blockchain

in eos •  10 months ago  (edited)

Ok, that confirms my impression. Indeed you'd become a "lottery" yourself :-) Thank you
On a different topic, would you be interested in contributing the front-end to an important open-source project and be rewarded through Utopian ? We have a "very important project" accepted by utopian and we could really use the front-end skills you have on display here ... I mean, as long as you enjoy coding, perhaps there's a chance you might want to code for a good cause (and also not for free, since utopian supports the project ...) ?
Thanks for letting me know
Also, the first link in your post above seems to be broken ...

Ah, and one last thing, you are certainly aware that the equivalent King of Ether game has been shut down last year because it pretty well fits the definition of illegal gambling ... I don't know who came knocking on the door of the KoE owner but I can tell it wielded a big fist when knocking ... :-)

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Thanks for telling me about the broken link.

About the project, let's talk. You can add me on twitter and DM me or send me an email (I send you my mail as a memo.)