EOS Rex: How it can help you earn money

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How can you earn passive income on your EOS while it stays staked in your wallet?

The REX (Resource Exchange) just launched on the EOS blockchain, which is a decentralized, smart contract marketplace that allows you to earn interest on your EOS by lending your unused resources to others in the form of CPU and NET ("bandwidth"). Ashe Oro, cofounder of freedomproxy.org chats to me about what this means for EOS users!

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Hi Naomi! I know you know your stuff and hoping you can help. I'm trying to link my BitChute with BitBacker but I cannot find my BitBacker Identifier...Supposed to be above the power chat correct? It is not there, only my profile pic. Thanks in Adavance @skycorridors

Lending out at a ratio greater than 1:1 sounds like it could be inflationary. I'm guessing that what's really happening is that idle EOS gets used at greater capacity and until the EOS network gets maxed out you don't run into a shortage.

BTW, nothing was said about how much is earned per EOS / month.