Love playing cricket ??,  Know the history of cricket??!

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Who is the father of cricket like football?
There are also different views. However
Most of them say cricket is born
In England But different information and databases
It is known from the beginning of the beginning of cricket
Is the Punjab of the Indian subcontinent
In the 'doab' area of ​​the region. In the 7th century, in the 7th century
This area is called a bat and ball
Would have played
Through them 8th Century more later
At times the game is in front of Persia
Have to be. The game circulation in Europe
It is known about, before the 10th century
Residing in ancient Indian desert
'Normady Gypsy' in Turkey via Europe
Go and they go there
This game is played in between.
They see them in the Europeans
The game is in circulation. With the ball Earth
Different types of game in different countries
Was conventional. But the bat with the ball
Originated in southern India There
The bat was called 'Danda'.
Early version of cricket:
After the conquest of England in 1066 AD
Normannn for the comfort of the bat-
Accept the idea of ​​ball game. Theirs
Start by hand is creagh /
Cricke game That time
This game is only on Sunday of the week
Would have played The game was kind -
Throw a ball to a batsman
Would have died.
Today's back of the batsman is right
Stump-like structure
Had lived The batsman is in that framework
To save the ball from the ball
The ball with a wooden plank in the hand
Hit the house Hit the batsman's house
Spread around him to catch the ball
There were also some fielders spraying. 1183
In Europe, Joseph of Exeter was named
This is known from the writers' writings
Dark Age of Cricket:
Kingdom began to come in 1400 AD
Winning competition 1500 AD
Runs up to the competition. this time
Come down on cricket
Ban. Because playing cricket
The soldiers needed to fight because of
Was not found. So the king's second
Richard plays cricket in England
At that time he was banned. If anyone does this
Cricket disobeying ban
If you played, then punish him
Would have been
Moving forward to cricket:
Kingdom victory in Europe after 1500 AD
The competition is almost closed.

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Though it is not very clear about the origin of cricket, the popularity of cricket is amazing.

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