[Consensus Day 1] Reception Hosted by EOS (With a Jumbotron ad!)

in eos •  2 years ago  (edited)

Top of the morning to you all. I wanted to share a few details about the reception party hosted by EOS. It was a great time to socialize with others at the conference, I ran into a few familiar faces and met a lot of new ones, too!


One thing that is for sure about this new venture of @dantheman's is that there is actually a marketing team. I mean... EOS branded napkins?!? In fact, even the margarita had EOS in it's namesake (It was a great margarita btw)! In fact, a lot of people that had no idea what EOS was were surprised by how well-funded they appear to be. As usual, there were skeptics, interested folks, and pissed off people. I suppose that some can't separate investments from emotions.

One guy kept asking me "Why can't you just build it on Litecoin!??! Why do you need a new token?!?" I tried to explain it to him but he ended up running off... seemed kind of manic actually. He also told me that Bitshares and Steem are failed projects, which I found to be funny since they are actually processing more transactions than any other blockchain, today!

There were also a lot of swell people too. I even ran into @zurvanic and had a chat. Good times! Looking forward to chatting with everyone more today.

Cheers, Rob.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm still awaiting the details from that guy about how BitShares and Steem are failed projects. After asking him several times to back his lofty claims up with at least the start of a reason, he would just ignore me and ramble on about something else that was ehh, not so bright. Poor guy.

But yeah, let's build a new country on LTC. Sounds like a great idea.

Wow. Litecoin? Really? That's what this guy thinks is going to change the world? He has $70B worth of crypto projects to pick from and he went with... LTC.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

There was a guy at the EOS reception that was ranting and raving that BitShares and Steem were FAILED projects. He went on to say EOS would fail and was suggesting it be built on . . . Litecoin . . . Yeah. There were a few loose screws in the room haha. Experts on things they've never touched or read about, let alone understand. Gotta love em. Unless that're Tone Vays, then they're just delusional pessimists they're butt hurt because they missed all of the crucial boats.

Thanks for the update! Sometimes I feel super lucky to have fallen into the STEEM bubble. It's funny there are plenty outside that just don't get it!

Thanks for the info @robrigo EOS sound amazing.

full steem ahead!

Seriously at first I thought you guys were joking bout the jumbotron LOL! Sure enough though...very cool and thanks for the updates!

Why can't we build on litecoin? haha! He seemed like a nice guy.

Why can't we build on litecoin? haha! He seemed like a nice guy. The logo on Time Square is surreal and the napkins. Have fun!

Interesting - thanks for sharing.