Re-post steem post on - short version 😛

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Ok guys, I have posted about the same already, but was told that it is far too long, too much reading and the whole thing is bloody boring, so if you don't feel like reading detailed instruction provided HERE, then check those moving pictures for some inspiration on steem content re-posting to


Prerequisites: EOS account & Scatter (or equivalent). Don't know what those are? Then use Google as this post must be short 😛


  • Go to:

  • Log in

  • Select proper sub

  • Add title

  • Add content (if re-posting from steem just type "." in that field)

  • Check Url, then check Link, then add the link to the steem post.

  • Click preview, and post if everything looks fine

That's it!

Now, why would you want to do all that re-posting? Well, for more exposure and extra cash which you might get as tips.

Goodbye and see you later 🤗

Untitled 2x.jpg

That's short right? Well, you don't really have to read those as you know already how to re-post, but below there are few common sense tips and some useful info so I suppose it just might be worth the effort 🤓

  • Reposting feature will also work with Youtube, Reddit, Trybe and many more sites/portals although the result may vary.
  • For a time being the content on Discussions is very EOS-Centric so to say, which is a natural thing for the EOS based platform but this is going to change in the future as we are planning to expand.
  • If you want to re-post any content not related to EOS (or you can't find a relevant sub), then use:
  • If you re-post third-party content make sure you get permission from the author.
  • If you have any comments or feature requests please contact us on Telegram (contact provided below) or just comment under this post.

created just for Steemians!


PS Jack, Thanks for the gif :-)

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