EOS Block Producer candidates, you rock! Thank you for your hard work

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I want to officially express my gratitude to all the hard working EOS Block Producer candidates. Many of you have been working day and night since January on a few different community testnets. The majority of you without getting anything, at all, for all these hours you put into the project. Without your help we would not be at the place we are today. You have been scanning the code over, and over, and over again. You have been experimenting trying to find ways to optimize the EOS code, and at the same time you have found ways to break it.
All in an effort to make it better, stronger and faster.

Thank you, once again, let me give you an virtual hug!

I am a ordinary member of the EOS community, and as of today I do not have the skill to audit the level of coding that is required to do your work. Some of you have been here longer than others, some of you know more than others, but what you all have in common is your willingness to help and assist anyone that wants to learn. The patience you need to explain the same thing, over and over again, sometimes to the same person asking is impressive. You do all of this, without wearing down in any way, at least that's how it seems on my side. I am impressed by your attitude to explain, in detail so everyone can follow.

I work as a Personal Trainer and I build websites for fun,

I could compare what your are doing to when I am teaching someone how to properly squat, over, and over again. Next time I meet them, I have to go over it again, and again, and again. Each time I can go a bit deeper into the details and they get more skilled and autonomous. After a while it´s second nature and we can work on other aspects of their life.
Same goes for you guys, many of you are great teachers, you don't look down on those that doesn't understand. Instead you try to help them to become more knowledgeable and learn.

You guys build people up, you make them stronger, and together, we are stronger!

The whole process is tiresome, and you really need to love what you are doing to be able to manage this.
I love movement and sharing it with others, I can really relate to your love of coding, the passion and the willingness to spread it.

Stay strong, feed on the trolls, and grow!

Even though you are doing an awesome job, ye, you!
There are many people out there that doesn't appreciate what you are doing, how you are doing it and they want to tell you how to do you job. To them, I have nothing to say, they are trolls and doesn't understand this situation. They are just looking for reasons to aggravate you.

But to you, the BP community, I want to express my gratitude for your work and the willingness to continue putting in the hard efforts you are currently doing.

Many of you want to release the net, and for good reason.
Many of you want to delay the release, and for good reason.

You have my full trust in making these decisions, and when all of you feel ready, I know the product will be ready and we can all enjoy it.
Keep fighting for what you believe is the right call, I promise you that I will stand behind you.
And I promise you that I am not alone.

There are some candidates that I would like to name

I will most likely (almost certainly) forget to mention some that deserve to be here, so even if you are not mentioned, if you can relate to my text. This text is meant for you as well!
These are some of the most passionate BP candidates I know, and I do hope you all get elected.
You have done a great job so far, and I am looking forward to follow you in the future.
Keep up the great job!

In no particular order:


And thank you @eosgo to keep us all updated

Thank you all that can keep voting no-go when the chain isn't ready!
Thank you all for working so hard to make this happen!

Don't fall for the trolls hating, when we wait for something good, we can wait until it´s ready.

Coach Bjork


Video of my expressing my gratitude.
Please share this text or video to BPs that deserve it.
They are doing so much hard work and needs to hear that we, the community, appreciate it!

Kind words - Not speaking for everyone, BUT the BP community does appreciates your passion!

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