RE: eos-voter 0.2.1 - Custom Tokens + Cold/Watch Wallets

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eos-voter 0.2.1 - Custom Tokens + Cold/Watch Wallets

in eos •  5 months ago

ok, i followed your instructions. at first it seemed to work. everything was as i knew it. but when i closed and opened the wallet again, i'm facing the same problem as described before. weird. i'm using the latest version for mac. os high sierra v. 10.13.5.

when i load the wallet, i see this screen only for a fraction of a second (it took ten to get that shot) and then i get the view already shown. two steps are obviously skipped. account and/or authorize ...

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Alright, we found the issue and will have a 0.2.2 release later today with the fix for it.


yeah, it's working again. good work, @jesta. thx