Porter Stansberry puts 500,000 Eyes on EOS!

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Since the earliest days of bitcoin...

Blockchain captured not only the hearts of those searching for solutions--it also planted a question in their minds: "What will come Beyond Bitcoin?" In fact, cryptocurrency started out as a host of experimental forks of bitcoin all with different names and some (but not most) with really innovative ideas...that could never work on bitcoin's technology alone.

In short, it quickly went from memecoins like Dogecoin (a coin literally with a dog face on it) and Pepecoin (a coin literally with a frog on it) to a spectrum of wonderful ideas for use cases beyond bitcoin. But not many, if any, that ever really achieve their goals--at least if their goal is mainstream adoption...

In fact it is arguable that many of these old memecoins using the present standard of blockchain tech will even last if they refuse to adapt. Even the truly innovative ideas like Ethereum seem doomed if they actively choose to remain tethered to technologies that purport to be Scalable, Fast and Decentralized...but in truth are not. The reason is fairly simple. There is in cryptoland a few essential elements required for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and none...No not even Bitcoin or Ethereum... have yet achieved it.

The simple fact is, these few ingredients more and more reveal themselves as necessary for a technology to take cryptocurrency to the masses (and out of the lavish conference rooms and after party circles where brilliant outlier super nerds like you dwell). One might even choose to understand these as the "Holy Trinity" of Blockchain: Scalability, Usability and Governace.

From my time in the earliest days of bitcoin to now heading up one of the largest audio archives in the world with interest in (mass-adoption-ready) use cases Beyond Bitcoin (most notably BitShares, Steem and Peerplays), these three elements seem to be inescapable as the fundamental requirements for Blockchain technologies emergence as a technology used by everyday people.

But I do not say all of this to talk about Beyond Bitcoin, though it will undeniably forever be the undertone of my words. I say this because I have waited a long time and had the chance to cover very few chains that would actually be capable of fulfilling this Holy Trinity. Though it is true that each of the chains named above have been the primary focus, it is true only because they share one thing in common: they all use the latest iterations of the technology most likely to have the highest evolutions of these three crucial elements.

And because of this technology we are beginning already to see its newest iteration catching the attention of many in a way that is hard to ignore. If Beyond Bitcoin was made to focus on scalable and decentralized use cases in the form of Decentralized Autonomous Coops (DACs), then EOS and its other DACs are what Beyond Bitcoin was made to cover. And it seems that time is fast approaching. Which brings me to the reason I write this post...

EOS catches Stansberry's 500,000 Eyes...

Recently an interesting meeting occurred between Brendan Blumer and Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research and a subsequent article of Porter recounting the meeting and his newfound appreciation for Brendan Blumer and the EOS Team. But most importantly, it was about getting the potential of EOS into the minds of his 500,000 paid subscribers. The following is Porters own recounting of the event and the revelations of Blockchain Technology (along with a few of my own comments).

I hope you enjoy!

Notice here how he likens EOS and its bandwidth ownership rights to a mortgage registry. This is another strong analogy. But possibly more important than the plug itself, it lends more credence to concept of "bandwidth" ownership, but in a way a more mainstream investor audience will appreciate. It is easy for cryptoheads to sometimes forget this...and is nice to see he not only appreciates the concept but can liken it to something to which savvy investors outside of crypto will relate.

Here he expands a bit further into the differences, however. As he somewhat steps back from the original analogy provided, but not because it is erroneous. Rather it simply does not fully express the value because this is "a new form of commerce" that "doesn't exist because of a firm" (aka centralized entity). If you are reading this, you likely already know how right he is.
Furthermore, he goes on to explain to his 500,000 readers the level of success already enjoyed by block.one in their EOS token sale. But one point here perhaps will help shine some light onto what even the crypto space seems to forget with all their cries of "what is the business model?" and "How will EOS tokens have any value?".
When explaining that the 500 million already earned could be driven into building multiple projects on the EOS network he is telling his readers that multiple powerfully disruptive value propositions will be able to be built on top of EOS with the funding already raised, showing an appreciation that investing in use cases beyond bitcoin are valuable, and enterprise ready ones that can reform or replace "Many of the world's most dominant businesses today" are invaluable.
Though it is important to mention that with Brendan Blumer's latest Announcement, BREAKING: Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer Announces $1 Billion in Capital for EOS Projects, that 500 million may not even be necessary...

Click here to Listen to Porter's Interview w/ Brendan

This is a part of history. There is no other way to say it but to realize it up front and look it square in the eyes. Mainstream is coming and the wise money is figuring it out. Are you going to be ready? The only way to know for sure is to prepare and research, and content like this is a wonderful addition to the crypto sphere. But not only this, it also helps hodlers begin to realize just how early we are....

A Little Bit about Porter Stansberry

Porter Stansberry has been around for nearly 20 years waking a population up to the economic realities of our present economic systems. We all know the world today feels more uncertain than ever and that something has to change, and Porter has been on the forefront of helping guide the inquiries of the masses to a place of rational discussion and solution-oriented financial vision. His chief goal seems to not only be informing others of the difficulties in uncertain times, but to focus his vision and the vision of Stansberry Research toward bringing opportunities to those who are seeking to find ways to protect themselves financially in any economic climate. And it seems like he's betting on EOS...

Check out his many Podcast Episodes at Stansberry Radio


Those with the inclination can find and read his Stansberry Digest: Public Archive filled with over 10 years of his daily investment newsletters Free of Charge

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Dr. Marc Faber, supervisor of the generally read Gloom Boom and Doom Report, is one of the genuine legends in the money related world.

This week, he gives Stansberry Research his best figure on the approaching security showcase crash... what's more, you might be astonished to hear his time period.

In addition, Stansberry covers GMO's, Detroit's defilement, Asia's nightlife, and our audience mailbag.

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“... security showcase crash”???

@officialfuzzy This posting makes me Feel all Warm and Fuzzy. See what I did there ??

Even the truly innovative ideas like Ethereum seem doomed if they actively choose to remain tethered to technologies that purport to be Scalable, Fast and Decentralized...but in truth are not.

Ethereum relies on off-chain scaling solutions and least one of those (Raiden) I think has its own token and trust nodes. EOS could potentially be an ethereum scaling solution or something built on top of EOS, scaling ethereum transactions off the ethereum chain onto EOS. Smart contracts interacting across chains could prove intresting but i'm not convinced that off-chain scaling is scaling at all.

Personally, I think EOS will overtake ethereum as projects likely port over to EOS.

This is fully my belief as well. :)

I will try to dig into that Stansberry research. Great coverage for EOS!

that my friend is a beautlful shirt :)

I agree, I was also thinking about those gems being on a EOS card... (envision Black Amex card)

kickass shirt!

"brilliant outlier super nerd"

Yeah! That's me!


Keep on holding those EOS. In 1-3 years from now they are going to be worth a whole lot of money

I see scalability as the number one issue forthcoming in the crypto space...
when it hyperdirves into that mass adoption phase we best be ready.

Does anyone have an mp3 version or youtube url for this podcast?

so nice post , learn more , thanks !

all coins are good, but for me bitcoin is the best

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