EOS : COIN interview with Dan Larimer

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I don't know if someone already posted this video of Dan on Steemit but it's really interesting and very useful to understand how EOS works. Dan confirmed in the video that EOS will allow anyone to create Steemit like applications.

He also talked about producers, to be a producer you will need votes from the community but also a lot of computing power and bandwidth. Nobody running a node from his home is going to be a producer, be ready to invest in a robust cluster with a lot of bandwidth.


thanks for sharing this, i always learn so much from listening to dan. I really like the Ark dude a lot too. He has done soooo many great interviews...and really contributes to the quality of discussion.

Steem On

Thanks )

I still think EOS wont be profitable!

It depends for who ! I'm going to develop an app on EOS and i'm almost sure to make a lot of money as the app owner. I can build anything (like steemit) for almost nothing, just by buying a few EOS tokens ! It's an incredible opportunity. Steemit might see a lot of competition very soon.

Yes, but for people that cant develop an app wont profit most certenly.

Why would you profit from something that has no use to you ? You can use my app and win tokens on my app that you will be able to sell on the market.

But it would probably take to much time to get a amount that would be worth the time.

The same on steemit, so why are you here ?

I am on steemit because it acts as a newspaper for Crytocurrencys for me.

So maybe you will be on my service if it adds value for you in any way also.

Very inspiring! EOS could be great product.

Remind me on early days of web application development.
From that perspective ETHEREUM looks like PEARL/CGI SCRIPT type of product to me.

Using that analogy EOS is similar to early web application server products like ColdFusion, ASP or PHP.

That Lucius guys smacking and slurping in the background is disctracting, and not very pleasant. The noise of it even moves him to the foreground in the beginning. Lesson learned: better not eat and drink during such sessions :)