Why Voice is much more than just another crypto social network

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This is the video version of my Coin Rivet article from 19th June 2019: https://coinrivet.com/why-voice-is-much-more-than-just-another-crypto-social-network/

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Voice is a nice name for a podcast platform...

There can be advantages and disadvantages to the hardware keys... if a user loses a hardware key, what do they do? should everyone have a back-up registered and ready?

If you lose the hardware key you'll need the seeds in order to recover your funds.

Sounds like Voice could be "all things to some people" and that's ok with me. Other social media apps can develop to fill other customer needs.
I hate saying any version of don't worry now about third world countries or anonymity needs. I intend to say meeting the latter critical needs has to begin somewhere. You develop a platform that provides a service. There will come the critiques. These will identify flaws that the next idea can improve (or exploit, but devoting energy to usage worries is another topic). As you have generically said in previous topics, new ideas lead to new ideas which creates new possibilities and suddenly there exists something that I don't wish to live without which I had previously not even considered a need.
So I vote for "Begin." But there is no hurry. I'm not talking about a capitalist version of a race to a product that yields more money. This can happen, but the ideas in the blockchain first exist, then yield to real things or services, and we judge them all as we go. I don't know what I don't know. I don't know what I want or need (other than peace and good for all). When new products or services give me a new freedom or joy in my life, I choose to pursue them. I don't need them, but might choose to need them.
Stopping now because I'm walking in a circle and abusing the little I learned long ago in some version of first year philosophy or ethics. Bottom line: Build stuff with a view toward making something good, constantly evaluate it, never fear to change it, keep your ethical magnifying glass close by and go try to make something.


voice will come

Interesting found, lot of practical benefits of this new social media of voice, as you said similar to steem blockchain

Hello Chris! The Voice social network will need users to send in KYC to Block.One "like on normal exchanges" as discussed by IvanOnTech and Dan Larimer in the YouTube interview video titled "Dan Larimer Interview: EOS 2.0, Voice Launch, EOSVM, WebAuthn, WebAssembly". Starts at the 7m55s mark (watch until 10m55 mark) (PS: I did not keep up with the Voice news of the recent days so this might not be the latest on the KYC/verification/authentication question but Dan Larimer sounds very clear in his answer to Ivan)

There are some nifty and novel features for voice but I'm sure they can be mirrored pretty easily by other projects. I do hope it takes off, we always need more competition in this space

Good on you for remaining ever-vigilant and avoiding frothing fanboy-ism! You're a true friend of the EOS project in that a true friend will be honest instead of nice when the situation calls for it

This is very helpful. The more tools that are developed the more we will figure out what is actually needed and course correct. I suppose, in the end, this is the sort of thing that will determine which project succeeds and which do not.

Echo some of the comments, major advantage for EOS among the Smart Contracts contenders. Agree on the security concerns shared by others below.

Nothing special with Voice based on what I've read across the internet.

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