EOS: First ICO Launched!

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iRespo Claims to be the First ICO Launched on EOS!

iRespo is a voting platform that incentives both participants and organizers. It also serves to decentralize biased agendas that can make voting otherwise irrelevant.

adapted from whitpaper

Read a brief excerpt about their solution (from the whitepaper):

By tokenizing the poll/survey market using the blockchain technology iRespo gives both organizers and participants an opportunity to earn on their activity. iRespo uses EOS blockchain platform to create an ecosystem in which users will be incentivized to take part in the voting by earning tokens when they respond to questions during polls and surveys.
- go to the whitepaper

adapted from website

Posted in reddit on August 1, 2018

Posted byu/iRespo 10 hours ago
The first ICO on EOS is live! The first puchases have been made! Join us at iRespo.com!
-read post on reddit

The ICO ends on August 22.

adapted from website

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Hi @machnbirdsparo

I think I need to stop auto-upvoting your posts. I got used that whatever I read I upvote. So seeing your posts upvoted already make me think that I've read them already .... and I end up missing some of your articles.



:) I am not sure what 1st on EOS even means. But it is interesting that a voting project (besides within EOS itself) is leading the way, at least in some respect.

Men people just look into certain aspects of life and create a token for that. Tokenization is the way forward!

@machnbirdsparo I heard too much about EOS & also reading related news as much I can but I think I miss this one. I honestly didn't know about this airdrop. Thank you for sharing this with us.


you're welcome
came across while looking for something else :)

It's an interesting project, it's going to give new life to the polls and I see a lot of future. this token is erc20?.

I leave you my support from the telegram crypto.piotr secret channel friend :D


From page 15 of the whitepaper

We are proud to select EOS as our blockchain platform. The projects that have selected Ethereum network in our opinion will not be able to scale beyond proof of concept.

Waoooooo with this innovation many who would not ordinarily love to vote will motivated to do so based on the prospects of the reward in store