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When I joined Steemit, I didnt have a clue about EOS. I soon heard so much positive buzz about EOS that I started paying more attention. Without researching EOS, I birthed a fantasy idea of what EOS might be.

After two weeks on Steemit, I had some vague idea that EOS was/will be the next project from the guy who did Steemit (therefore it must be awesome - because I thought Steemit was a revolutionary anti-establishment community where people would be fairly and justly rewarded for contributing. .......................).

I then reasoned that EOS would be valued greatly because Steemit is so awesome. I began squirreling ETH preparing to buy into EOS and become a millionaire or one of the first in on the next world improving thing - what ever it is.

Reality: Steemit is not valued high compared to many other coins.
I didnt know anything about EOS or Steemit or The founders.

Tonight, after continuing to see people pumping the EOS ICO, I finally went to the EOS site and poked around. What I found cannot be denied as it is the message from EOS it self:
Mainly it is, "Stay Away."

Let's look at what the EOS FAQ has to say:

  1. US citizens, residents or companies should not purchase or try to purchase EOS Tokens.

  2. EOS Tokens are not designed for investment commodities securities or financial instruments. EOS Tokens do not have any use, purpose, function, on the EOS platform.

3.Block.one will not be involved in transferring EOS Tokens. It is possible that the tokens could be transferred peer to peer or on 3rd party platforms during the token distribution. After 1 June 2018 EOS Tokens WILL BECOME FIXED NON TRANSFERRABLE on The Etherium Blockchain.

  1. Block.one will not launch any EOS public open source blockchain platform.

  2. Where do the proceeds from the EOS Token distribution go?
    They are thee revenue of block.one.


so what is block one?

The evidence has been presented. I will not re-explain what I think the above statements mean - I feel they are clear enough.
This appears to be something different. I dont know what it is and I never did. But I think those looking to buy into an ICO and be pioneer owners and get good gains might want to look a bit deeper.

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Exactly the kind of jargonese that has me cringing & wondering why these people even get to be in the same solar system as me.

well I think that is a great question ! IF we can make some progress on that question we can answer a lot of questions. I think about that stuff everyday.

It's hard to decipher what those statements mean. Besides the fact that ICO is a can of worms that is likely to be targeted by the FDIC and other financial market regulators, which as I point out, is Dan Larimer backtracking on statements he made about this back in march last year, what do they mean 'non-transferrable'. That basically means the coins are worthless!

I'm sure the fanbois will go hell for leather on this one but I think this is not going to go well for this project, with the US govt requiring US citizens to declare cryptos at the border...

As @faddat and I discussed extensively before he lost the plot and ended up in deep shit in cambodia, the only safe path for a new blockchain project is through funding routes that the regulators don't consider their eminent domain. Private contracts between the developers and individuals who want to invest, involving no promise of return but a guaranteed share of part of the returns, and using the framework of the system for private applications within businesses are the two routes we worked out were the safest, and most honest.

However, because I am not entirely settled on the design of the protocol for consensus, I am not firm about either of these routes, and to be honest, unless I get my health in order with what I'm now engaged in, I won't be doing much development. But I feel confident that I will get over that hill and in the next or next after next month I will implement the 4 core protocols in my design that are required for the second funding option, and the framework upon which a ledger will be built on, for the first option.

I have a suspicion that actually I won't need to seek funding, with the way things are shaping up in the crypto world, I would prefer this, personally. There is no gotchas in this pathway of development, by entirely funding it from my own private surplus (and maybe others will join, with their own surpluses and skills to add to the team).

Upvoted and followed. For health also look into hydrogen peroxide. Not too much when drinking, as it has caused me to vomit a couple times (from the frothing action it does). Baking soda as well. Good luck!

By the way, what happened to @faddat? I see he had been hacked, and thinking about code, and stopped posting two months ago. How did he "lose the plot?"

methamphetamine. I don't know the exact details but you can find some of the story by searching for Jacob Gadikian Cambodia Political Rally. He took off with a garbage truck that the driver left the keys in and nearly ran people over, knocked over a bunch of motorcycles, then the crowd pulled him out of the truck and beat the shit out of him, then he was locked up, and his family organised to get him back to Buffalo.

Yikes! Meth sounds like an experience I'm glad to have kept from myself... Why has he stopped posting?

Probably because he is at a rehab centre, I'd guess. I have heard nothing from him and nobody I know has either.

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ill check it out thanks