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RE: The Road to 150MM: Greymass EOS Voter Tool Endorsement

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Thanks for this information, however how can we be sure that this wallet is secure and will be able to safeguard the private key?


It's a matter of trust. Like almost everything in crypto world :)

OK, there is code audit too.

Anyways, I trust the authors - @jesta and @anyx - because of their valuable contribution to Steem ecosystem from day one onwards.

It's all about trust an it comes with time. @jesta have been aound for a while in the DPoS ecosystem. @eosrio has also develop a user friendly EOS wallet (SimplEOS).
I've tried it and it work very well. The only trust i have of them is because they have been involve in building EOS tools even before the launch of the Mainnet. They are building dev tools to help newbies learn to build Dapp on EOS. So everything is TRUST and it's come with time. You need to really involve and get to know various teams and projects . Kodoo to what @eosrio in building. Nice design!

An old addage, trust everyone, but cut the cards anyway.

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